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Think You Have Hormonal Acne? Here Are 6 Ways To Treat It

* Hormonal acne is caused by hormonal imbalances in the body
* Hormonal imbalances can occur in both men and women
* Hormonal acne often requires different treatments to traditional acne

When it comes to acne, it may feel like the plaguing condition all comes from the same place. But the truth is, breakouts aren’t all created equal. They can be classified into several different acne categories. In an oversimplification of the skin care field, we can discuss acne as either common or hormonal.

Common acne is the result of many factors, including clogged pores, makeup, excess humidity and harmful skin care products. It strike at any time but can be be avoided for the most part by keeping your skin clean through regular exfoliation, avoiding heavy makeup and consuming probiotics.

Hormonal acne, as you may have guessed, is a result of fluctuations in your hormones, resulting in excess levels of oil on your skin. Although that might not sound horrible, this oil creates the ideal environment for bacterial growth, specifically the acne-causing kind. Remember how bad your skin was during puberty? Yes, that was (most likely) hormonal acne. Unfortunately, this type of acne does not go away as we age. Instead, it becomes increasingly random to the point of frustration. Furthermore, this type of acne is thought to appear more commonly along the chin and jawline, and it can affect both men and women.

Treating hormonal acne is a little different. Many acne-fighting products do not work for every type of acne. Below you’ll find 6 effective options for treating your hormonal acne.

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Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) help to prevent outbreaks by exfoliating your skin. These effective chemicals are great at removing the dirt from your pores as well as preventing any future clogs, too.

1. The Ordinary Peeling Solution AHA 30% + BHA 2%

The Ordinary makes

on the market. If you think you suffer from hormonal acne, this is the product you should try first. In addition to your face, you can also this solution in other acne-prone areas, including your butt and back. And, while it may take a little time to see the benefits of this treatment, it’s certainly likely to be one of the most effective.

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Derived from vitamin A, retinoids work to regulate cell turnover. This in turn helps to get rid of hormonal acne by allowing your skin to regenerate faster. It’s also interesting to note that the American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a topical retinoid as the first step in a therapeutic response to acne.

2. Differin Adapalene Gel

In this

, you’ll find a treatment that targets clogged pores and inflammation while normalizing your skin’s cell growth rates. This gel has been used for over 30 years to effectively treat acne and can do the same for you. Just be sure to always use a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer in tandem with Differin Adapalene Gel. That way, your skin won’t dry out or become irritated in a different way.

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Tea Tree Oil:


Using tea tree oil in the fight against hormonal acne targets inflammation. Plus, tea tree oil has a wide range of other skin care benefits, meaning you’ll end up with skin that’s free from irritation and looks great when you use these products.

3. Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

In this Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash, tea tree oil is combined with other skin care ingredients to create a wide-acting skin care treatment. The 100% natural cleanser works to gently remove excess oil from your skin. In addition, the included minerals help to soothe irritation and aid the anti-inflammatory action of the tea tree oil, resulting in clearer and more comfortable skin. This is a great option for people with particularly oily or combination skin.

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4. Era Organics Tea Tree Oil Face Cream


also uses the anti-inflammatory action of tea tree oil for your benefit. It features an age-old remedy that’s ideal for use on both normal and hormonal acne along with other common skin complaints, like redness, blackheads and blemishes. In addition, the cream soothes and hydrates dry skin, and it can be used as a gentle facial moisturizer, too. To prove its effectiveness, Era Organics offers a money-back guarantee.

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Green Tea:


Green tea is well known for its wide range of positive effects on the body. In the case of hormonal acne, green tea treatments rely on its anti-inflammatory elements. Use these products regularly, and you’ll notice an improvement month after month.

5. Zhou Nutrition Green Tea Extract Dietary Supplement

A simple way to increase your green tea intake is by drinking more green tea. But, if you prefer the idea of increasing your green tea intake in tablet form, try the

. In addition to anti-inflammatory benefits, these vegan-friendly capsules also provide immune system support and a gentle release of energy.

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6. Neogen Bio-Peel Green Tea

Another green tea-rich treatment is the

. Each pad features 3 individual layers containing a mix of green tea and centella. When worked over your skin, the pads deliver a pore-tightening, skin-refreshing and anti-wrinkling treatment. Plus, the pads help to gently peel your skin, leaving it radiant and smooth by providing hydration and exfoliation as they go.

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