5 Products to Avoid Sweat Stains This Summer

how to prevent sweat stains
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* 5 products for fighting unsightly sweat stains
* Simple products that clip or stick onto clothing to absorb sweat
* Prevent hat, shirt, dress and other clothing sweat stains from appearing this summer

Hot weather is awesome for a lot of reasons, including days at the pool, cookouts and longer days. However, hot temperatures can also cause excess perspiration, putting a damper on summer days and potentially ruining clothing. It’s not a problem when you have a pool to jump in to hide your sweat, but for those stuck at work or miles away from a water source, finding a way to fight sweat stains is essential.

Here are 5 simple products that can be applied to your clothing to prevent sweat from contacting your clothes and to keep your excess sweat a problem only you know about.

1. Adecco LLC Neck Collar Sweat Pads

These high-quality sweat pads are made for keeping your neck area free from excess sweat and your collars free from unsightly stains when you’re wearing suits and business attire. The effective pads are made from a soft and absorbent fabric and can be attached to your dress shirts using the built-in adhesive. These sweat pads can also be used with other clothing items, including blouses, polo shirts and hats.

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2. COSCOD Hat Liner

Specially designed to keep your hat free from sweat stains, the COSCOD absorbent liners are easily inserted into your headwear. Whether you’re heading out for a run, taking your bike out for a spin, or heading to a baseball game, these scent-free pads are ideal for protecting your eyes from dripping sweat. They are also hypoallergenic and come in packs of 20 to ensure you have enough for every hat you own.

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3. Kleinert’s Underarm Dress Shields

One of the key sweating areas you may want to hide is under your arms, especially when you find yourself at a formal event. Kleinert’s Underarm Dress Shields provide a simple way to keep your sweat from reaching your clothing. They work on all fabrics and are great for both men and women’s clothing. Plus, these pads include an easy peel reverse side for simple application to your clothing. The strong adhesive ensures they won’t come loose.  

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4. Kleinert’s Ready Dress Shields

Available in black, white and beige, these Kleinert’s Dress Shields provide an easy snap-on sweat guard for ladies who want to prevent ugly pit stains. All these pads are free from sticky adhesive and can be removed and washed without hassle. Applying them to your bra is as simple as snapping them onto the straps. Furthermore, the elastic straps ensure the pads remain in place whilst you are wearing them.

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5. Ejis Sweatproof Undershirts

With hundreds of positive reviews, you can be sure that the Ejis Undershirts will do the job they were designed for. Each figure-hugging, v-neck t-shirt feels like a quality product and is made from a silky material that ensures you remain comfortable throughout the day. They feature a large waterproof layer under each armpit that absorbs excess sweat and prevents visible sweat stains from appearing.

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