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7 Ways to Avoid Sweat Stains in Summer 2022

You love summer, don’t you? Beach days, weekends away, adventures with friends — you simply can’t beat it. But, hot temperatures can also cause something none of us like, and that’s excess perspiration. Sweating puts a huge damper (literally) on your summer days out and about. Not only that, but sweat stains cause massive discomfort and embarrassment with the potential to ruin your favorite clothes entirely. And nobody wants their best t-shirt looking like their worst!

This isn’t a problem when you have a pool to jump in to hide your sweat, but for those stuck at work or miles away from a water source, finding a way to fight sweat stains is essential, which is why we’ve come up with a few ways to avoid sweat stains to help you out.

Why Might Some People Sweat More Than Others?

So, you might be thinking, “I sweat so much, why don’t my friends sweat as much as me?”

Well, there could be a number of reasons.

Some people have hyperhidrosis, where their sweat glands are overactive and they will sweat more than usual,” says Dr. Anar Mikailov, MD FAAD, Board-Certified Dermatologist and Founder of KP Away. “It’s estimated to affect 2-5% of the general population, but it may be more as some people may be embarrassed to seek help.”

Dr. Mikaliov also shares that hyperhidrosis might not even be the reason for your issues. Instead, it could be the way you’re living your life. “Alcohol consumption, caffeine and spicy foods can trigger sweating,” we were told. In addition, some medications might even be the reason for your sweat-related issues, which is something you’ll have to bring up with your doctor. And, of course, stress and anxiety shouldn’t be ruled out, but don’t act like that’s something you weren’t already well aware of.

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How Do You Avoid Sweat Stains?

“Sweat stains occur when aluminum in antiperspirants mix with your sweat and produce a yellow discoloration that stains shirts,” Dr. Mikailov tells us. “The best way to reduce sweat stains is to use an aluminum-free deodorant. However, these deodorants do not reduce sweat, they only mask the scent of your body odor.”

So, you can already see the issue. If you can’t use the best deodorant with aluminum because that’s what causes the sweat stains, yet sweating won’t stop with the alternative, then what?

This is the hard part, says Dr. Mikailov. “Aluminum is the only ingredient in normal deodorants that actually blocks sweat. Aluminum salts cause an obstruction of the eccrine sweat glands and destruction of the secretory cells. Alternative therapies include: Botox injections, oral therapies like glycopyrrolate and oxybutynin and Qbrexza pledgets, all which can help you sweat less.”

Obviously, these aren’t the answers everyone wants to hear, but if sweating under your arms is a serious problem for you, contacting a doctor to help find some solutions is your best bet. But, if you’re looking for ways to learn how to avoid sweat stains for the time being, we found some hacks below you can check out now

1. Adecco LLC Neck Collar Sweat Pads

These high-quality sweat pads are made for keeping your neck area free from excess sweat and your collars free from unsightly stains when you’re wearing suits and business attire. The effective pads are made from a soft and absorbent fabric and can be attached to your dress shirts using the built-in adhesive. These sweat pads can also be used with other clothing items, including blouses, polo shirts and hats.

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2. Certain Dri Everyday Strength Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant

Okay, we know what Dr. Mikailov said about aluminum, but hear us out really quickly — this stuff actually works. “I’m a serious underarm sweater,” says our e-commerce and special projects editor Tyler Schoeber. “But, Certain Dri has almost made me stop sweating completely. I rub it under my arms a few times a week before bed and my underarm sweat has diminished almost entirely.”

While, yes, the mix of aluminum and sweat causes sweat stains, this product might stop the sweat from even occurring.

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3. Hat Saver Spray

Specially designed to keep your hat free from sweat stains, Hat Saver Spray is built to repel sweat and oily stains from occurring on your go-to hat. It works on all fabrics, so no matter what kind of hat you’re rocking, you’ll keep it looking shiny and new no matter how much you’re sweating in it.

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4. Kleinert’s Underarm Dress Shields

One of the key sweating areas you may want to hide is under your arms, especially when you find yourself at a formal event. Kleinert’s Underarm Dress Shields provide a simple way to keep your sweat from reaching your clothing. They work on all fabrics and are great for both men and women’s clothing. Plus, these pads include an easy-peel reverse side for simple application to your clothing. The strong adhesive ensures they won’t come loose.  

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5. Ejis Sweatproof Undershirts

With hundreds of positive reviews, you can be sure that the Ejis Undershirts will do the job they were designed for. Each figure-hugging, v-neck t-shirt feels like a quality product and is made from a silky material that ensures you remain comfortable throughout the day. They feature a large waterproof layer under each armpit that absorbs excess sweat and prevents visible sweat stains from appearing.

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6. Sweat X Sport Extreme Stain Remover

So, the stains are already there, aren’t they? Don’t go throwing away that shirt, buddy. Try using the Sport X Sport Extreme Stain Remover first. This stain remover is made specifically for baseball players and takes out mud, dirt, blood, sweat — you name it. It’s safe to use on any kind of fabric and has eco-friendly qualities.

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7. Botox

Yeah, it’s not the answer you wanted to hear, but botox genuinely helps folks sweat less under their arms and works as an ideal way to combat sweat stains. Dr. Mikailov tells us to always chat with your dermatologist beforehand, but it has the ability to last a few months if you find yourself sweating profusely under your arms in the summer.

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