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SPY Guide: 7 Essential Products For an At-Home Brazilian Wax

* Everything you need for performing an at-home Brazilian wax
* Saves time and money over going to expensive salons
* Plus, creams and oils to help manage the irritation of waxing

Grooming your bikini line is no fun. Waxing hurts and can feel like an awkward ordeal, while shaving often causes irritated skin and ingrown hairs. However, by taking charge with an at-home waxing routine, you save yourself the hassle of fitting in your salon appointment, and you’ll save yourself plenty of money, too.

Below you’ll find everything you need to perform an at-home Brazilian wax, from oils and creams to prepare your skin to a choice of wax options, including strips and hard wax. There are also treatments for post-waxing care that minimize the effects of waxing upon your skin.

1. Parissa Azulene After Waxing Oil

Presented in a convenient, mess-free spray bottle, Azulene Oil is designed to clean and soothe your skin after waxing. We all know that waxing hurts, but it’s more inconvenient than one painful moment. Sticky wax can cause a mess, skin gets red and ridiculously irritated, and sometimes regrowth can result in ingrown hairs. But using Azulene Oil can solve all these these common problems. This formula contains ingredients extracted from the chamomile plant and has both antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, the oil breaks down any left-over wax and aids in skin repair. When used daily, Azulene Oil can prevent ingrown hair and delay hair growth.

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2. Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

There’s a reason people are so obsessed with coconut oil. Whether you cook with it or use it in your beauty routine, this multi-functional product has an endless amount of different uses. And now, you can add one more to the list. You can use coconut oil to remove excess wax after you’re done with the waxing process. It also works to soften hair regrowth when applied to the waxed area.


3. No Mo-Stache Hypoallergenic Waxing Strips For The Bikini

An at-home bikini wax kit wouldn’t be complete without the actual wax. For smaller areas and quick touch-ups, these waxing strips don’t require you to follow any complicated heating steps to use them. Simply rub the strips between your hands for up to one minute, peel two wax strips apart and apply the wax directly to your bikini area. When you’re ready, pull the strip off, then apply the included aloe cream for post-wax relief. Simply throw a few strips and the post-wax cream into your beach bag or suitcase for emergencies at the beach or on your date night.


4. Bikini Line Trimmer

Before you go in with wax, you’ll want to make sure the hair is the right length to reduce any pain and to make sure it’s effective. It’s recommended that your hair down there is grown out about 1/4 inch. You can use a trimmer specifically designed to trim the bikini line, like the 


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5. BodyHonee Hard Wax Kit

It’s recommended to use a hard wax type when waxing sensitive areas like the bikini line if you have sensitive skin. While you’ll need to heat the wax up and apply it with a wooden stick, you won’t need to use a strip to remove the wax. Hard wax is also ideal for beginners, as it allows you to see what you’re doing as opposed to using the strips. The all-natural

comes with a 3.5 ounce pot of wax, 2 wooden spatulas and 2 soothing wipes. In addition, this wax is suitable for facial, underarm and bikini hair removal.


6. Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula

Besides an unruly bikini line, the next worst thing is a red, irritated, and bumpy one. Unfortunately, many hair removal methods (including even waxing on occasion) can result in unsightly blemishes. The

works to prevent and treat redness after waxing. The natural and organic ingredients actually calm the skin. At the same time, the serum removes excess bacteria that cause breakouts and ingrown hairs, resulting in moisturized skin. 


7. Relax and Wax No Scream Cream

There’s no getting around – waxing hurts. The makers of

have been there and decided to take action by inventing a pain prevention application to make Brazilian waxes a lot easier. Simply apply a thick layer of cream to the area 30 minutes before your wax. Don’t rub it in, but let it absorb for about 5 to 10 minutes. As a result, the non-greasy cream will help to lessen the pain of ripping your hair out when you go in with the wax.


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