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Cateye Combat: 5 Innovative Products to Elevate Your Liquid Liner Routine

* Master the cat-eye with these easy hacks
* Get a flawless liquid eye look in half the time
* Cat eye helpers, stencils, waterline liners, and more

Mastering the perfect cat-eye or winged eyeliner look takes precision, time and a whole lot of trial and error. Once you’ve got it down it though, the looks you can create with liquid and cream liners are endless.

Below are a few of our favorite products that will elevate your liquid liner game and make it easy to achieve the looks you love without the hassle. From cat-shaped eyeliner stencils to an innovative liquid liner designed specifically for the notoriously difficult waterline area, these products will elevate your eye makeup game in no time.

1. Cat Eyeliner Stencils

These unique

were created to give you the perfect cat line eye look every single time. Shaped like actual cats, the stencils come in a “slim” shape and a “plump” shaped cat that can easily fit over the eye to give you 10 different liner options to choose from. Reusable and high quality, these stencils are easy to use and allow you to create a different eye look each time you do your makeup.

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2. Revlon Exactify Liquid Liner

Revlon’s ColorStay Exactify Liquid Liner was made to give you precise, exact lines that wear up to 24 hours. They have created an eyeliner with an innovative wheel tip applicator that glides smoothly across the lid in a straight, no-skip line motion. To make lining even easier, the handle has been ergonomically created to give you control for the ultimate precision and the formula is smudge, smear and fade proof with a high-pigment vinyl finish.

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3. Vogue Effects Eyeliner Stamp

Another great option for the desired cat eye look is the

. This eyeliner effectively creates the perfect wing every time by simply having you line up the stamp end of the liner from the corner of the eye to the end of your eyebrow to create the same wing on each side. To make things even easier, the set comes with 2 pens, one for the right and left eye and each pen has two ends. One end is for stamping and the other is a fine-tipped liner to define the rest of the eye with precision.

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4. Kat Von D Liquid Inner Liner

Another innovative liner product is the Kat Von D Lash Liquid Inner Liner. Touted as the first liquid liner for your waterline, this liner has been formulated with an ultra long-wear, water-resistant formula that is specially designed for this difficult area to give you extreme pigment payoff that lasts, but feels comfortable. This hybrid fluid-gel formula contains clay binding ingredients for a richer texture that is designed to stand up to watery eyes and the soft-tip applicator allows you to intensify any eye look with precision and ease.

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5. Vamp Stamp Eyeliner Corrector


allows you to create the perfect winged cat-eye look with their double-sided eyeliner and corrector pen. The liner end (Vise) is a water-resistant formula that contains a deluxe lash serum that you can use to create endless liner creations. The Corrector side (Virtue) cleans up any makeup mistakes and will allow you to sharpen the point on winged lines, clean up any fallen eyeshadow or even remove any lipstick that has strayed.

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