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How to Get Fuller & Longer Lashes Without Falsies or Extensions

* A few innovative techniques to help enhance lashes
* Highly rated products to help nourish, condition and grow lashes
* Ditch the hassle of false lashes and messy glue

Who doesn’t want thicker, longer, and more voluminous lashes? There are a myriad of lash-enhancing products available that can help you avoid false eyelash application or pricey lash extensions if you so choose. False lashes are notorious for being impossible to apply and if you do succeed in getting them on, they can irritate your eyes, fall off unexpectedly, and even rip out your natural lashes when you go to remove them.

To that end this trouble, we’ve rounded up a list of products that can help you get the look of fuller and longer eyelashes without the mess and hassle. Continue reading for some <lash> food for thought.

1. Try an Anti-Aging Lash Serum

Unless you were born with naturally long and voluminous lashes, you might have to do a little work to attain them. Just like everything else in life, upkeep is crucial. The No7 Lash Impact Serum is a lengthener and conditioner that has a unique blend of ingredients to give you visibly fuller, thicker and darker looking lashes in as little as 8 weeks.

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2. Apply Castor Oil

Castor Oil has been making headlines as of late as a remedy to thinning hair.

is 100% pure and organic Castor Oil that can be used to help hair, eyelashes and brows appear longer and thicker.  Castor Oil contains a high amount of omega-6 essential fatty acids, vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals which provide nutrition to the hair follicle. This serum comes with a glass dropper, wands, and spoolie brushes for eyebrows and eyelashes to make application easy and safe.

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3. Try a Heated Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers have been around forever and are one of the best tools to enhance your lashes without actually using any product. However, if you want to see an even bigger difference in your lashes, a heated curler is the way to go. It works in a similar way that a blow dryer adds volume to your hair. The curling mechanism contains a silicone pad which heats up to curl the entire length of your eyelashes, giving you instant lift and lasting curl. Once your lashes are curled, pairing them with a volumizing/lengthening mascara will give them the extra oomph. The

is safe to use thanks to its ergonomic design.


4. Use a Lash Primer

The Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer from LASHFOOD is the first step in your eyelash makeup routine before mascara. A primer serves to condition your lashes and this one contains lash fibers to help achieve the look of longer lashes. The large wand flawlessly combs and separates lashes while helping to improve the look of your natural lashes as well. Formulated with collagen, microfibers and peptides, this primer will prep your lashes perfectly pre-mascara for an extra-full, doll-like look.

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5. Use a Tightlining Mascara

Another secret for look-at-me lashes is using a technique called tightlining before going in with mascara. Tightlining is an eyeliner technique as a way to define your lash line with an eye pencil. Simply line or place dots in between your lashes with a pencil to make them appear more plentiful. IT Cosmetics Tightline, 3-in-1 Primer-Eyeliner-Mascara has this technique incorporated in its design and formula to make the process fool-proof. Plus, it’s a peptide-infused lash primer, eyeliner and mascara all-in-one. The ultra-skinny wand works to enhance your lashes by starting to coat at the roots for a beautiful lengthening effect while laying down black pigment between each and every lash for that instant tightline definition. I

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