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Not Filling in Your Brows May Be The One Beauty Step Preventing You From Having a Good Makeup Day

* Eyebrows are the frame for your face
* Well-groomed brows can also brighten the face
* Celebs like Cara Delevingne know a strong brow makes a statement

Eyebrow grooming as of late has become sort of an art form. From microblading, which is basically updated and precise tattooing to fill in and permanently shape brows, to new eyebrow feathering techniques, brows have never been more relevant.

Whatever sort of brow grooming product you choose, the ultimate goal is to create fuller, shapely brows that will help frame and soften your face. In the case of celebs like Natalie Portman and Cara Delevingne, a full set of brows can also help you create a bold, standout look.

Below is a list of different types of ways to fill in your brows – from gels and pencils, to powders and more permanent solutions. Simply choose your favorite brow tool, or dare to try a new one and get ready for look-at-me brows.

1. Clear Sculpting Gel

Usually the last step in any brow routine, application of brow gel will give your brows all day hold and conditioning. Ardell’s Brow Sculpting Gel is a quick and easy way to give you that all-day hold while helping contour and defining the brows. In addition, Ardell’s brow gel is formulated with Castor Oil to promote hair growth, and its mascara-shaped wand makes application a breeze.

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2. Powder

NYX’s Eyebrow Cake Powder gives you perfectly defined brows in one convenient compact. The kit includes wax, two complementary brow powders, a slanted brush and round-shaped wand. Depending on your preferences, you can start application with the wax, then mix the powders together to get your ideal shade and shape with the wand to style and tame.

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The wax will work to help the powders adhere to the eyebrow for a more intense look. Conversely, you can start with the powder and end with the wax to hold your brows in place. Either way, this all-in-one kit gives you what you need for the ultimate brow.


3. Pencil

Another option for shaping brows in by using a pencil. L’Oreal’s Brow Stylist Definer Pencil has an ultra-fine tip and spoolie to draw and precisely blend brows. The fine tipped pencil allows you to recreate tiny brow hairs into any sparse areas you wish to create your ideal brow. Once defined, the spoolie can help you to easily blend the pencil for the most natural looking finish.

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4. Brow Gel

For those looking for a longer-lasting solution, Wunderbrow’s Brow Gel is a good option. Wunderbrow contains an exclusive blend of hair-like fibers, combined with specifically treated pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair. The results are natural looking brows that last for days or until you decide to take it off. This brow gel is transfer-proof, budge-proof and water-proof and will not smudge.

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5. Powder To Cream

Lashfood’s BrowFood Aqua Brow Powder+Pencil Duo is the first ever cool-to-touch brow powder. It transforms from a powder to a cream and releases supercharged conditioning serums that are essential for healthy-looking brows. Once applied, the powder will absorb and fasten onto the skin and with its smooth applicator, glides easily onto brows, creating smooth, buildable coverage. Its innovative blend lets brows appear fresh all day to produce an even-looking, natural finish.

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