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The Best Hacks For Treating Your Sunburned Skin

* Sunburns can leave you skin blistered, itchy or uncomfortable
* There are no magical cures, but you can soothe and manage the pain
* Try a gel, oil, bath treatment or cold packs for sunburn relief

Not applying sunscreen is a mistake most people only make at least once. Avoiding the painful and uncomfortable repercussions that accompany a sunburn is usually enough motivation to slap on that white liquid every trip out into the sun thereafter.

But sometimes sunburns happens – even when you have applied your SPF. Whether you forgot to reapply the sunscreen or didn’t use a waterproof version, your skin can turn red in just a few minutes on a hot, summer day. Blisters, intense redness, itchiness and an uncomfortable night’s sleep await – and that’s just the damage you can see. Sadly, there is no magical cure for sunburn, but there are effective ways to soothe your skin and minimize the discomfort during your recovery.

Below you’ll find 4 of the best hacks for treating sunburned skin. They’ll quickly return your skin to a healthy glow rather than that shade of recently cooked lobster.

1. Burt’s Bees Lemon and Vitamin E Bath And Body Oil

Packed full of ingredients to start delivering relief as soon as it’s applied, the

will likely become your best friend during this uncomfortable time. The non-sticky formula includes a unique blend of natural products like calendula, cantharis and echinacea. These work to cool your skin while soothing it and reducing inflammation. The effective gel will also help to reduce your skin’s redness and lessen the amount of peeling you’ll endure.

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2. SunBurnt After-Sun Gel

When you‘re heavily sunburnt and it feels like there’s no place to escape, a relaxing bath is a good idea, especially when accompanied by

. Each box contains 8 dermatologist-recommended doses, which work to relieve and soothe your itchy and irritated skin. Inside each treatment, you’ll find a natural colloidal oatmeal which, when added to your bath, produces a milky liquid to soothe what ails you. Perhaps you’re asking, why oatmeal? The food is known to restore the skin’s pH and maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.

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3. Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment

If oatmeal isn’t really your idea of rejuvenating bath treatment, the

is a great alternative. Just like the oatmeal bath treatment, adding a dose of this oil to your tub will leave your damaged skin revitalized and hydrated. A second possible use of this energizing oil is to apply it directly to your damp skin in order to enjoy the same benefits as bathing in it. 

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4. Arctic Flex Ice Pack

When your skin feels so hot, it seems obvious that one of the most effective treatments is to apply something cold. And, as long as it’s done correctly, this can have a positive and relieving effect on your skin. If you prefer to cook with your frozen peas rather rubbing them against your skin, give the

a try. It can be chilled in your freezer and then set against your neck area to constrict blood vessels, absorb excess heat and reduce swelling. 

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