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This $30 Serum Promises To Help Your Overplucked Eyebrows Grow Back

* Organys Lash and Brow Serum gives you thicker eyebrows and eyelashes
* The product has over 6000 5-star user reviews on Amazon
* Includes a full refund option if the serum doesn’t work for you

Your eyelashes and eyebrows can take a real battering during daily life. Whether it’s the rigors of eyelash curling, accidental over-plucking or the constant dryness caused by mascara and brow products, it’s inevitable that many people end up with thinning or balding the eyebrows and lashes. But, from what may feel like a situation fraught with despair,

offers hope. 

With just shy of 7,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, it’s safe to say that plenty of users have experienced the benefits of this serum. 

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The serum contains a mix of natural ingredients, including amino acids that help your lashes and brows grow. It is also free from many potentially harmful ingredients that are often found in competing products, such as phthalates, prostaglandins and parabens.

For the best results you should apply the serum twice daily for a total of 60 days to see the full benefits. The manufacturer recommends applying it once before applying your normal makeup and once before bed. If you find yourself in the small number of users that do not respond to the formula, Organys offers a full refund, so there’s no downside to giving this lash and brow booster a try.