SPY Guide: How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

how to grow hair faster
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* These products encourage faster hair growth
* Avoid breakage, split ends, and combat hair loss
* Scalp massagers, vitamin supplements and deep conditioners

Your hair only grows about a half an inch each month. Whether you’re suffering from a bad hair cut or simply longing to add length to your luscious locks, there are a number of proven ways to encourage your hair to grow quicker. One of the best ways to promote faster growth is by getting regular “micro-trims,” which remove split ends that inhibit the growth of your normal hair. While trimming your hair may feel like a counter-intuitive step, it’s more of a one step back for two steps forward case.

In addition to regular trims, there are a number of products available to put your hair in the best shape for maximum growth. Treating your hair with a blend of protein therapy and intense hydration is key to helping it grow, repair, and avoid breakage. These helpful products range from vitamins to scalp stimulating massagers.

1. Use a Deep Conditioner

The main advantage of using a deep conditioner with protein is the noticeable transformation you see in the texture and appearance of your hair. By using one of these specially formulated conditioners at least once a week, your hair will become softer, smoother and far more easy to manage. In addition, deep conditioning with the Arvazallia Fortifying Protein Hair Mask leaves your hair stronger with a balance of protein therapy and moisture. 

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2. Use Castor Oil

Treating your scalp with castor oil has a number of beneficial effects. It’s a natural emollient that penetrates and leaves your skin softer while also increasing circulation. Furthermore, the hexane-free oil by Home Health contains a range of antifungal and antibacterial properties that keep your head healthy and free from unwanted conditions like dandruff and infections of the scalp.

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3. Try a Hair Growth Serum

Using a hair growth serum, like this Wild Growth Hair Oil and Moisture Set that boasts an impressive number of positive reviews, can protect your hair from dryness and friction damage. Furthermore, the oil-based products contain a unique formula that provides an ideal environment for maximum growth.

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4. Choose the Right Hair Brush

Keeping your hair in healthy shape and preventing any unwanted breakage is an important step in maximizing your hair’s growth rate. Choosing the right brush to manage your hair is essential to avoiding this type of damage, especially when your hair is wet after a shower. The Dovahlia Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set is ideal for thin or normal hair types and helps to evenly distribute scalp oils throughout your hair strands. This helps your strands to remain strong and prevents weak and easily broken hair. In addition to the brush, this set also includes a wide-toothed comb to de-tangle your locks safely when your hair is damp. 

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5. Use a Shampoo With Caffeine

Caffeine is often associated with helping to prevent hereditary and hormonal-sensitive hair loss. These caffeine-infused hair products work by blocking a compound known to cause damage to hair follicles. Over a period of time, they can help strengthen your hair and scalp. The Paisle Botanics Biotin Shampoo combines caffeine with a number of other hair-growth promoting ingredients – biotin B, argan and coconut oil – to help promote growth from a number of angles.

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6. Massage Your Scalp

By giving your scalp a massage, you stimulate blood circulation and help your body deliver an increased amount of oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles. Massaging your scalp can be done either with your fingertips in a gentle and circular motion or by using a built-for-purpose massager like the MagnaRoller Scalp Massager. This roller-shaped tool features magnets and a hard, silicone fingers which work to unblock follicles and increase local blood flow.

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7. Take Biotin Supplements

For maximum hair growth, it’s important that your hair follicles have the right vitamins and minerals from morning to night. Even if you have a balanced diet, it’s not always easy to know what you’re lacking in at any given time. These SugarBearHair Vitamins feature a vegetarian-friendly formula that includes hair-boosting biotin and other essential vitamins including A, C, D, E and B-6 along. Another bonus? They taste just like candy gummies. 

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8. Try Other Supplements

There are plenty of supplements available on the market that promise to help your hair grow. Viviscal is a best-selling brand users claim actually does work. It’s an extra-strength supplement that is designed to help your hair grow from within. 

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