Mens Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Hair Out

How to Grow Long Hair: Men’s
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* Long hair is back in style
* How to grow out our hair without looking sloppy
* Essential tips and products for nailing the look

Long hair is officially back in style – but it has to be done right.

Lately, we’ve been seeing A-listers like Kit Harrington Leo Dicaprio (as well as stylish dudes on the street) rocking a long mane. But unlike a classic crew cut, long hairstyles can go wrong quite easily. Simply growing out your mop will most likely leave you looking like, well, a guy that can’t afford a haircut.

It may look like dudes with great long hair just let it go, but the truth is, they’ve actually invested some time and product into nailing that flow. If you’re embarking on a long hair journey, make sure to check out our tips and products for nailing the look below.

Take Vitamins For healthy Hair Growth:

Your hair can change drastically depending on a few key vitamins such as collagen and biotin. Making sure you get enough of these in your system will make your hair grow stronger, fuller, and better looking overall.

Collagen is great for improving skin and hair health. It gives your body more amino acids, which the body can use to build more healthy hair.

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Another great vitamin for luscious hair is Biotin. It’s a B-Vitamin, and when combined with the superfood Acai, it provides serious hair-growth powers.

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Maintain A Healthy Scalp:

People often forget to properly care for their scalp. We recommend mixing a little bit of this cedarwood essential oil into your shampoo, as it stimulates circulation in the scalp, promoting more hair growth.

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Castor oil is another great addition to your long hair kit. It also increases blood flow in the scalp, and includes antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins that contribute to a thick, full head of hair.

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Clean And Moisturize Your Hair Regularly:

If you’re committed to long hair, your go-to shampoo and conditioner have to be dialed-in. We highly recommend this Pura D’Or, because it includes vitamin-loaded Argan oil and biotin. This will give your hair an extra boost (compared to regular shampoo), while you clean and moisturize.

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Style Hair With High Quality Creams:

You’ll need a little product to tame your mane, but it has to be the good stuff. Cheap drugstore styling creams can dry out your hair and even harm your scalp over time, so upgrading to a premium gel like this Moroccanoil styling cream is certainly worthwhile. It includes hydrating vitamins that actually make your hair healthier when it’s in, and easily washes out to help your scalp recover.

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Manage the scruff and awkward stage:

When growing out your hair, there’s always an awkward stage when your hair isn’t quite long yet, but it isn’t clean-cut. Minimize the awkwardness by trimming up your sideburns and scruff with a good pair of clippers, such as this highly-rated set from Woner.

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