The 5 Best Ways To Hide Grey Hair Without Having To Dye It

how to hide grey hair without
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* Extend time between salon visits
* Pinpoint grey spots
* Easy to apply at home

Pluck. Pluck. Goose. Isn’t that the game we play when we see those grey hairs popping up? Unfortunately, our hair growth isn’t on the same schedule as our hair stylist. But on the plus side, we have several ways to keep those greys away. So, go ahead and put off that salon trip a little longer. We’ve got you covered. 

1. Root Concealer-Rita Hazan – EDITOR’S CHOICE

There’s a reason Rita Hazan is known as ‘The Hair Color Authority.’ She has been coloring hair professionally for years and has become a favorite amongst celebrities. Now, she’s here to help you hide those grey roots with a waterproof, transfer-proof aerosol root concealer. The spray nozzle applicator makes it easy for you to cover greys exactly where you want.

Root Concealer-Rita Hazan Image Courtesy of Amazon

Root Concealer-Rita Hazan


2. Style Edit Root Concealer

Grey, grey go away. Stay in control of those sneaky greys with Style Edit Root Concealer. With five color-adjusting formulas, you’re bound to find your perfect shade. Your hair will benefit from the conditioning formula that will leave you with a healthy shine. And, we love the pinpoint applicator for targeting where you want to apply color. Even better, it’s not tested on animals.

Style Edit Root Concealer Image Courtesy of Amazon

Style Edit Root Concealer


3. Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color

Eliminate your greys with this little magic wand. The mascara style brush allows for precise coverage on all those tricky spots where you can’t use sprays, like beards, eyebrows, and sideburns. And fear not all of you with crowns of crimson, this will even work for you, ginger.

 Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color Image courtesy of Amazon

Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color


4. Protégé CoverAge – BEST REVIEWED

This could easily be the holy grail of root coverage. It’s quick, easy and won’t leave your hair feeling dry or sticky. Using Protégé CoverAge can extend the time between salon colorings, saving you time and money. Besides covering greys, this concealer is also great for those with thinning hair looking to cover any bare spots on your scalp. Just remember, covered roots are happy roots.

Protégé CoverAge Image Courtesy of Amazon

Protege Beauty Root Touch Up - CoverAge - Premium Temporary Concealer Water-Resistant Powder - All Day Cover Up Hair Color for Roots to Keep the Gray Away Instantly - Auburn


5. Cover Your Gray Brush-In Wand – BEST VALUE

Slip this wand into your purse for easy touch-ups between visits to your hairdresser. No water needed to cover roots or stray greys. Just open the applicator and brush on where needed. It comes in eight color shades, making it compatible with all hair colors.

Cover Your Gray Brush-In Wand Image Courtesy of Amazon

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