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This Device Lets You Make Your Own Face Masks at Home

* Do-it-yourself facial mask-making beauty device
* Use your own ingredients to create skincare masks for different beauty functions
* Chemical and toxin free

Facial masks are all the rage these days – walk into any cosmetics or drugstore and you will find a large selection of specialty face and sheet masks targeting every facial skin ailment you can imagine. While this is always an option, this unique and ingenious product will allow you to make your own facial masks, customized to your skin type or personal preferences all in the comfort of your own home.

The Facial Mask Maker by Pyrus is an automatic, do-it-yourself mask-making device. With just the press of a button, you can have all your ingredients mixed, and five minutes later you will have your personalized mask.

Once finished, the Pyrus utilizes microcomputer intelligent control and creates an ultraviolet light to disinfect and self-clean your machine.

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The Pyrus also comes complete with a menu of safe and natural mask ingredients that you can combine to create a personal facial mask to achieve your desired outcome. Ingredients such as fruits (think pears and kiwi), vegetables (cucumber and avocado), tea and milk will be your base for the mask and you can add additional specialty ingredients (I.e. honey or baking soda) at your leisure.

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The best part of the machine besides the convenience of being able to mask whenever you would like, is the money and time you can save from having to buy traditional facial masks at the store or going to a facialist or dermatologist on a regular basis. At just $60, the machine will pay for itself in under 10 uses. Plus, it’s a fun and easy way to experiment with your own DIY concoctions to see which masks make the best treatments.

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