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Tips For Your Tips: The Ultimate SPY Guide to Nail Care

* Keep your nails and toes well-groomed and presentable
* Nail polishes, cuticle creams, hacks and more
* Nail care options for men and women

Whether you’re a fan of regular manis and pedis at the salon, or simply just want to keep your nails and hands looking well-groomed and presentable, we’ve rounded up our top favorite hacks and products to ensure your nails are in tip-top shape and looking flawless. Keep your nails and hands looking well manicured and healthy with these at-home hacks.


Nail & Cuticle Grooming


Your fingernails might not be the first thing a stranger notices about your appearance, but after a firm handshake, you want your nails to make an impression. In fact, both men and women should ensure those ten pearly tips are properly cared for and free from unsightly infections. To do so, proper nail care is imperative. These nine products will help you moisturize, trim and buff your way to beautiful finger and toenails.

nail care best products healthy fingers toes cream

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At-Home Manicures


For those who love manicures, there’s no better feeling than pampering yourself to a relaxing buffing, moisturizing, massaging and polishing session at your local salon. However, if you’re trying to save money or are too busy to make an extra stop, we’ve compiled three helpful yet not-so-common solutions to perfect your at-home manicures.

Nail Polish Remover Caps Highrock

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At-Home Pedicures

Going to the salon to get our pedicures done is a relaxing treat after a long day, but weekly appointments can sure add up. With a few keys tips and products, you can easily get the same results from an at-home pedicure that you would from a salon.

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Electric Pedicure Set

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Nail Biting Solutions


Whether it’s a nervous habit, or an absent minded habit you’ve had since you were a kid, nail biting is a hard problem to kick. SPY has sourced eight great products to get you closer to those long, healthy nails you’ve always envied on your friends.

Control It Nail Biting Solution

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Nail Hacks

The world of beauty products is becoming more and more strange, and nail care is no exception. Surprisingly though, while bizarre they may be, there are some odd ball products out there that actually work magic. Upgrade your next at-home mani with these out-of-the-box nail products.

UV Glove Gel Manicures

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Nail Polishes


Maintaining flawless nails is no easy task, especially if you’re prone to skipping regular salon appointments. While at-home manicures are practical and more convenient at times, painting your own nails is not always worth the extra effort, unless you can make them last. Smith & Cult’s nail lacquer offers pigmented nail color, with the glossy shine and protective coating of a top coat polish, all in one bottle.

smith and cult nail polish

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