Down Low Dudes: How to Get Your Manscaping on for Under $50

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* 8 tools and products for better manscaping
* Trim hair easily and comfortably
* Budget-friendly lotions, back shavers, and below-the-belt groomers

In 2018 many men are practicing the fine art of manscaping. Giving attention to your downstairs area has become the norm, but figuring out how to manscape still isn’t very straight-forward. Some risk-takers go about it Edward Scissorhands style, but that typically ends in a mess (or worse; a lot of pain). The other option is to invest in a trusty manscaping kit, complete with tools and lotions for comfortable, easy grooming. We think the second option is much more sensible, so we rounded up the best products for effective manscaping products under $50 to help you get you on the right path.

1. Nad’s Hair Removal Cream

One way to get rid of unwanted hair is with a hair-removal cream like Nad’s. Just apply the cream product to the hair you want gone, let it sit for 4 minutes, and voila! You’re smooth and hairless. It’s much less uncomfortable than shaving your chest, stomach, back, or downstairs, and only costs $9.

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2. Fresh Balls Lotion

Fresh Balls lotion is pretty self-explanatory. It’s an anti-moisture and bacteria lotion for your groin area that keeps you feeling fresh, dry and odorless, but it doesn’t clump or make a mess like powders.

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3. Neutrogena Razor Defense Shave Gel

Getting rid of your bush entirely doesn’t seem like a bad idea – until the irritation and itching starts. Using this Neutrogena shave gel prevents that from happening, and makes for a closer shave. Plus, it’s non-comedogenic and free of any oils or dyes, so you can rest assured that your man area will stay smooth and healthy.

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4. Razorba Power Back Hair Shaver

Getting rid of back hair is tricky because you don’t want to use your regular razor, but there’s nothing else that does the trick. This is where the Razorba back hair shaver comes in. It’s a huge razor with a three inch trimmer that’s designed to reach all parts of your back.

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5. Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel

This Jack Black aftershave has serious cooling powers that make it a great product for manscaping, as well as regular shaving and grooming in general. It’s alcohol-free, and made with natural ingredients that soothe freshly shaven skin.

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6. MANGROOMER Professional Body Groomer

Mangroomer is the tool for manscaping. It’s specially designed to reach and shave every area of your body, no matter what length of the hair is. It’s a tool every guy should have in his bathroom, and it costs less than $30.

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7. Manscaped Shaving Bundle

This complete manscaping kit includes a double edge razor, an all-in-one deodorant/ antiperspirant/moisturizer, and a comical (but very useful) shaving mat. The brilliantly designed products work together to create a unique manscaping experience that leaves your downstairs (and your bathroom) fresher than ever.

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8. MANGROOMER Ultimate Back Shaver

Another great back shaver is this one from Mangroomer. It features a power hinge, a flexing neck, and two different heads that provide the best back shave of any product on the market.

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