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SPY Guide: How to Protect Color Treated Hair For Summer

* The sun, beach, and pool can wreak havoc on your hair
* Prevent fading and avoid damage from UV rays
* Keep color vibrant without hiding indoors all summer

As the weather heats up, our daytime and/or outdoor activities become more frequent thus resulting in the need for a beauty change-up. The summer months can be especially hard on the hair causing dryness, damage and fading. Prevention is key to hair care during these warmer months and we have found some easy tips and products to preserve your color and prevent damage.

1. Coat Hair in Coconut Oil Prior to Swimming in Chlorine

One preventative measure to take is ensuring your hair is soaked with Coconut Oil prior to going into a pool or ocean.

 is a great choice as their oil is sourced from coconuts grown in fertile volcanic soil that has compounds for added potency. Unrefined and harvested at the peak of freshness, Viva Naturals uses a proprietary cold-press extraction method which highlights and preserves the flavors and aromas, allowing the oil to penetrate deeply into skin and hair.

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2. Use a Leave-In With UV Protection

We use sunscreen rigorously for our face and body, so why doesn’t our hair deserve the same treatment? By applying a leave-in hair conditioner spray, you are essentially giving your hair the protection it needs to prevent fading and discoloration from the sun.

is a conditioner, detangler and contains a UV Color Protecting formula made for all hair types. This multipurpose product instantly penetrates into the hair shaft without weighing the hair down, protecting against heat appliances and chemical damage.

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3. Counteract Brassy Tones With a Purple Shampoo

If you have blonde or gray hair, your year-round best friend will be a purple-tinted shampoo. But violet-hued shampoos are especially important to use during the hotter months when you are outside, getting more sun and water exposure if you want to avoid your locks from becoming brassy.

is specially formulated to protect and enhance your hair color with its unique color-correcting formula. This shampoo preserves most shades of blondes and silver hair by neutralizing the brassy tones associated with those colors while safeguarding your hair’s vibrancy.

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4. Switch to a Color-Safe Shampoo

As mentioned above, if you color your hair, than color-safe shampoos should be your go-to during the warmer months for all hair colors. KMS ColorVitality Shampoo is a radiance-reviving shampoo that works to cleanse, hydrate and preserve the color and vitality of your hair. This lightweight shampoo gently purifies and refreshes hair while creating a lather that locks in color, enhances tone and helps to prevent fading in-between salon appointments.

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5. Use An After-Sun Hair Mask

If your hair needs some extra TLC after a few days in the sun, then a hydrating after-sun hair treatment might help. The Alterna BAMBOO Beach 1 Minute Recovery Masqueis an express after-sun treatment that restores hair in as little as one minute. It nourishes for more manageable styling and increases softness and shine. Included in this limited-edition product are UVA/UVB protectors to help combat the damaging effects of the sun, pool and saltwater.

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6. Use a Deep Conditioner Once a Week

Lastly, consider using a deep conditioning mask at least once a week to prevent and repair damage. Phyto Plage Apres-Soliel After Sun Recovery Mask repairs and transforms environmentally damaged hair back to its soft and shiny state. This mask locks in moisture with plant-based botanicals to counteract dryness and breakage by coating and nourishing each strand with shea butter to restore hair health and elasticity. Simply apply a small amount after shampooing or in a pinch if you find yourself at the beach or pool with no hair protection.

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