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Peace Out Pores: How to Get Rid of Oil & Reduce Enlarged Pores While You Sleep

* Prevent blackheads and minimize large pores
* This is the technologically is upgraded version of the old-school Biore Pore Strip
* Wake up with smoother, clearer skin

Peace Out is reinventing the old-school pore strip that we all grew up with. This oil-absorbing and detoxifying kit comes with 4 pore strips and 4 blackhead-specific strips containing pore-refining actives that will help prevent and control blackheads and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. These two-in-one detoxifying strips contain absorptive hydrocolloid technology to lift away dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells. Along with pore-minimizing DMAE, they work to trap oil and help visibly shrink enlarged pores.

Once the oil and impurities have been sucked into the strip, vitamin A helps to refine the skin’s texture and prevent blackheads from forming.

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The secret ingredient is the above-mentioned hydrocolloid dressing which has been made famous in the K- Beauty community by what are known as pimple patches that work to significantly reduce breakouts overnight. Hydrocolloid is a soothing waterproof bandage that was used for decades by doctors to speed skin healing. When combined with active pore-tightening ingredients, these strips will prevent future blackheads and enlarged pores from forming.

Great for all skin types, these modernized pore strips are gentler on the skin than their famous predecessors and are easily and painlessly removable. Simply apply a strip tacky-side down, on clean, dry skin, go to sleep and after four to six hours, remove the strip and witness refined skin texture and tightened pores.


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