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These Products Form An Invisible Bandage To Seal Up Nicks and Cuts From Shaving

* Nicks and cuts from shaving are an inevitability
* Don’t cover them with toilet paper; invisible bandages stop bleeding faster
* Styptic sticks and alum blocks use natural ingredients to promote healing

For most people, shaving is a necessity, and with that necessity comes the inevitability of nicks and cuts. Without constantly changing razor blades and using the correct products to prime the skin, you’re likely to get at least one bleeder every few days.

Without growing a beard, the only way to make these shaving irritations disappear is to encourage quicker healing. If you want to figure out how to stop bleeding quickly while shaving, look no further than these products, which form an invisible bandage to seal up nicks and cuts.

From styptic sticks to alum blocks, men have used such products with great success for years. It’s time you, too, learned that those tiny pieces of toilet paper aren’t the best look. Get one of these invisible band aid options and become a better shaver today.

1. Infalab Magic Touch Liquid Styptic Skin Protector

For a liquid solution to your shaving nicks and cuts, look no further than

. This liquid styptic uses benzalkonium chloride to moisturize and sanitize the skin as well as aloe vera to soothe the damaged area. To use this Magic Touch product, simply dab a few drops on a Q-tip or cotton bud and apply it directly to the skin.

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2. B.I.G. Beard Balm Alum Block


does more than stop bleeding in shaving nicks and cuts. It also helps heal skin and combats razor burn, irritation and skin infections from shaving. The block should be rubbed all over the skin after every shaving session to keep pores tight and skin clear. As an added bonus, this product comes with a free shaving guide ebook.

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3. BARBERUPP Styptic Stick Shave Accessories

This might look like a book of matches, but the little sticks inside are actually one of the most powerful tools for stopping bleeding after getting a cut while shaving. The

are made from aluminum sulfate and water. To use them, simply grab a stick, get it wet and apply the end directly to the cut or nick. This easy and mess-free application also works for canker sores, nose bleeds and more.

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4. My Nik Is Sealed Styptic Pen

A cross between liquid styptic and styptic sticks, this styptic pen applies an invisible bandage with a roll-on application. This application also contains aloe and vitamin E in order to promote the healing of your skin. No matter where you cut yourself,

promises to stop the bleeding fast.

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5. Pacific Shaving Company Nick Stick

Also a liquid roll-on, the

is a must for a close shave. This long-lasting stick creates a clear bandage without the chalky residue left by many other styptic sticks. Plus, it also contains aloe and vitamin E to soothe the skin and promote healing. In addition, this long-lasting stick can go wherever you do as it’s a TSA-compliant size. This particular pack comes with three sticks for a near lifetime supply of shaving comfort.

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