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My Armpits Won’t Stop Sweating: Here’s the One Hack That Actually Works for Me

I’ve discovered a hack that’s stopped my armpits from sweating entirely, in a good way. It’s called Certain Dri, and while I was skeptical of it upon a friend’s suggestion after a few mistrials with prescription-strength antiperspirants that resulted in chemical burns, I’m now 100% convinced it’s the solution to secretion consistently puddling around my love handles, even in 30-degree weather. 

Certain Dri is a prescription-strength deodorant that’s comprised of 12% aluminum chloride to treat hyperhidrosis, the medical term for excessive sweating without exercise. Before this, I’d been around the block more than once with all the tips friends and family threw my way in response to my moist underarms. 

I’ve struggled with excessively sweaty armpits since puberty. I can’t use any natural deodorant or spray deodorants because doing so mocks what it would be like to stop a broken fire hydrant with tissue paper. I can only use deodorants containing ironclad ingredients like aluminum and even still, they barely keep my pits from leaking like a broken faucet. 

Botox isn’t my calling. Injecting shit into my pits feels wrong. I’ve tried prescription deodorants only to receive chemical burns. Wearing all black was another one but my goth phase ended in 2011. This worked visually but didn’t actually rid of sweat. In just a few weeks, Certain Dri has beaten all of these 
A few years back, a friend of mine recommended Certain Dri to me and because I was in my chemical burn era of deodorant experimentation, I told my buddy to fuck off. I was not putting anything funky under my arms again. But, I’m older now. I’ve done much more disastrous things to my body since then. My chemical burn fear had dissipated entirely. So, I bought it.

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Certain Dri works similarly to any other deodorant. Fun fact time: people are actually supposed to apply deodorant before going to bed. Shocker, I know. Certain Dri is made to be used the same way. Simply lather a few swipes from the roll-on top at night before hitting the hay. Be sure both armpits are completely dry before doing so. In the morning, throw one more swipe on each pit if desired. In return, sweat stops for good in non-active situations. And, in my experience, totally burn-free.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Right. That’s why I stopped. I thought that there was no way this deodorant could possibly be this effective. But, there I was, sweating without it. Before bed that night, I lathered it on again. Just to be sure.

One week since, I’m sweat-free yet again. There is no other way to say it: Certain Dri changed my life.

Our editor applying Certain Dri Tyler Schoeber | SPY

I know, I know – we have this preconceived notion that aluminum isn’t the best product to spread on the body, which is probably why there are so many deodorants these days opting for an aluminum-free makeup. I’m not going to lie, this is something that worried me quite a bit. I don’t have any interest in harming my body negatively, but I did want to stop sweating.

As it turns out, aluminum isn’t as bad for pits as the world has thought to believe. Ohio State University Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology Susan Massick claims that the thought regarding aluminum-containing antiperspirants causing cancer is nothing but a myth that doctors have debunked. “In the early 2000s, researchers began looking into whether aluminum in antiperspirants was linked to breast cancer,” Massick claims, “An exhaustive 2014 review published in Critical Reviews in Toxicology showed no correlation between aluminum-containing antiperspirants and increased cancer risk, specifically breast cancer.”

But, what about the kidneys? Take a gander at any antiperspirant deodorant. Written somewhere on the bottle is a message warning folks with kidney disease to chat with a doctor before using. This is a message that the Food and Drug Administration requires antiperspirant manufacturers to include because too much aluminum in the body can cause dementia or bone diseases. If one’s kidneys aren’t filtering the way they should, this can come with some issues. That said, folks like myself living with normal-functioning kidneys are good to go.

So, I shall continue using Certain Dri.

Courtesy of Amazon

$5.67 $6.99 19% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Certain Dri is the first product in my entire life that fully stops sweat from rushing out of my armpits on the couch, at my desk, in my bed — places that aluminum-free deodorant wearers do not regularly sweat. It’s boosted my confidence drastically. After years of suffering from hyperhidrosis and searching for a way to treat it, I can finally wear a white t-shirt out on the town without fear of sweating through it. Today is good.

For those in deep sweat anguish like I was, the search for the perfect sweat-fighting hack might just finally be over. I cannot recommend Certain Dri enough to those dealing with hyperhidrosis on a day-to-day basis. Take my advice the way I wish I did my friend’s all those years back and give Certain Dri a shot.