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SPY Guide: How To Apply a Sheet Mask Correctly

* Sheet masks have the benefits of traditional face masks without drying out your skin
* Follow these steps to get the most out of your facial treatment
* Then browse four sheet masks options with great reviews

Sheet masks are all the rage. You’ve likely seen them pop up everywhere from Amazon to the Ellen Degeneres Show. The truth is, sheet masks are simply awesome. They bring all the benefits of traditional face masks without drying out your face. But, you need to use sheet masks properly to reap all the rewards. Read on to learn exactly how to use these face masks as intended.


How to Properly Apply a Sheet Mask

Before you begin your sheet mask treatment, wash your face and apply toner if you use it. This will ensure your skin is ready to absorb all the goodness found in the mask. Next, open the sheet mask package and squeeze the excess essence out of the mask and into your palms. There might also be some extra liquid in the packaging itself. Gather that, too. Take this liquid and gently massage it into your face. If there is a lot of it, you might also rub some into your neck and upper chest areas.

Now that you’ve applied all the goodness to your face, gently unfold the sheet mask until it is face sized. Put it onto your face, ensuring the eye, nose and mouth holes match up with their respective parts on your face. Then, take a minute to press the mask to your skin so that as much of your skin comes into contact with the sheet mask as possible.

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Check the package of the mask for directions on the length of use. Most masks should be kept on between 15 and 20 minutes, but other masks have a shorter duration. Follow these directions strictly as leaving a sheet mask on your face for too long could result in loss of moisture as the mask dries out and pulls liquid back from your skin. It’s best to set a timer on your phone so that you don’t lose track of time. Lean back and relax until your treatment time is finished. When your timer goes off, gently peel the sheet mask away from your skin, starting with the chin and working up.

After discarding the used face mask, massage any excess essence into your skin and finally apply moisturizer to lock in all the benefits. Remember, you can use sheet masks as often as you like, but once or twice a week is the norm.

Ready to try your first sheet mask? Pick out one of these four great options.

1. Epielle Soothing Cucumber Sheet Mask – BEST VALUE

There’s a reason spas always have a thousand cucumbers on hand. The vegetable is wonderful for soothing and refreshing skin. These contouring sheet masks put the magic of cucumber to good work to purify your skin. Without added dyes and alcohols, your face will feel great after just one treatment. Plus, this pack of three Epielle sheet masks is good for all skin types.

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2. Avarelle Herbal Infusion Rosehip Seed Extract Sheet Mask

If you suffer from acne or redness and inflammation, rosehip seed extract might be the natural skin care tool you need. The extract has proven effective in healing skin blemishes and reducing the visible signs of aging that can result from breakouts. Using this sheet mask once a week will help clear up your skin in no time. Plus, Avarelle products are never tested on animals and do not contain parabens.

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3. Serment Rejuvenating Snail Mask – EDITOR’S CHOICE

The newest trend in Korean beauty is the snail mucus. This natural product has been shown to regenerate tired facial skin, leaving users with fewer visible signs of aging. This includes brighter under eye areas, wrinkle improvement and skin tone recovery. Using these sheet masks from Serment is a great way to add snail mucus to your beauty routine on a weekly basis rather than investing in a pricey daily-use serum right away.

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4. Elixir Cosmetics Golden Face Mask – BEST REVIEW

Your face will love gold as much as your eyes do thanks to this sheet mask from Elixir. The treatment includes three layers of action. First, the golden layer helps to brighten your skin by reducing hyperpigmentation. Second, the moisturizing layer delivers Vitamin E and soy extract to your face in order to treat dry areas. And finally, the third layer has anti-aging properties thanks to its use of hydrolyzed collagen and adenosine. Altogether, this luxurious, spa-quality treatment will leave you with brighter, healthier skin.

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