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Finally, a Product That Gives You The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Exists

* One of the hardest makeup techniques to master
* This tool makes creating a cat eye simple and fast
* Stamp comes in three sizes to customize your look

Creating a flawless cat eye with liquid or cream eyeliner is one of the hardest makeup techniques to master. While it may be easier to apply to someone else’s eye, trying to do it on yourself yields endless time spent correcting mistakes and trying to work around an unsteady hand. Despite the endless amount of YouTube tutorials you can watch online, it really still is just a process of trial and error to get it right.

As of late, a few products have popped up on the market on the market promising to make this process a no-brainer, including The

. This eye stamp has a unique precision stamp on one end allowing you to create the perfect winged eyeliner in one motion and has a built-in fine tip point matte black eyeliner on the other.

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The stamp part of the eyeliner is designed for both eyes and works by pressing the stamp end of the tool to the outer corner of the eye to create the wing, so you don’t have to try to “wing it” by hand. Then, with the liquid liner end of the tool draw a line on your lid and connect it to the wing and shape and extend if desired.

Similar to most liquid eyeliners, the liquid is in the pen and you won’t have to buy additional items or brushes. The ink is long-lasting, richly pigmented, water and smudge-proof.