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Winged Eyeliner Made Easy: Introducing The Vamp Stamp

* The Vamp Stamp is a stamping tool to help you create the perfect cat eye
* Can be used with any liquid, gel or sponged eyeliner
* Comes in three sizes – kitten, medium and large

You know that girl in the office with the totally enviable winged liner that looks somehow effortless? Creating a cat eye look with gel or liquid liner definitely isn’t easy, but don’t get jealous of your colleague just yet.

Winged eyeliner might be this season’s biggest makeup trend, but getting the tips just right can be impossible—and let’s not forget the task of trying to get your two eyes to match. We’ve all been there and thankfully, the beauty industry is listening.

Now, you can have the perfect eye liner too, with a few tips and tricks.

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Celebrity makeup artist, Veronica Lorenz is the innovator behind iconic beauty products like the beauty blender. But when she lost the feeling and strength in her hands due to a benign spinal cord tumor in 2013, she knew she had to get creative. She turned this enormous challenge into a victory by inventing The Vamp Stamp, a winged eyeliner stamp.

The Vamp Stamp is so easy to use. Simply dip one end of the stamp in your favorite liquid or sponge eyeliner, making sure the stamp is fully coated. Then align the stamp with the corresponding eye and press on the liner using a quick, stamping motion. Using your eyeliner, connect the stamp to the rest of your lid. Then, move onto the other eye using the other end of the stamp.

The Vamp Stamp comes in three sizes, kitten, medium and large, for different eye styles. Plus, it’s plastic and wipes clean easily.