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Freezer Flat Irons? This Hair Tool Actually Uses Ice (Not Heat) to Style Hair

* Innovative hair styling tool that keeps your hair damage-free
* Uses ice to style hair instead of heat
* Locks moisture into your strands and sets your style

The Inverse Hair Smoothing Tool uses ice to lock moisture into your hair to make it look and feel healthier. While it looks just like your typical hair straightener that uses heat, the Inverse tool actually does the exact opposite. Ice is the frizz-fighting foundation in this hair smoothing system, and where hot tools can tend to strip moisture out and lead to damage, styling with cold can help seal hair cuticles to better lock moisture in, thus reducing frizz, boosting shine and leaving hair smooth.

This tool uses patented ice cores that go from the freezer (where they are stored) straight into the styling tool where they are held in place by magnets. The cores are filled with a unique gel that maintains its chilly temperature while it’s being used. To use, simply smooth the Inverse ice conditioner tool over damp hair to help seal moisture in and deeply condition your hair.

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Best used on damp, towel-dried hair, each Inverse treatment will take approximately 15 minutes depending on hair thickness and density. When used regularly (at least 3 times per week), your hair will be softer, stronger, shinier and more manageable.

Great for all hair types including chemically treated and virgin, the tool can also aid in the reversal of damage to your hair, can be used on dry heat-styled hair to lock in the style.