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4 Easy Tricks to Improve Hair Health

* Typically guys don’t care for their hair how they should
* Simple tricks will improve your hair health
* Ladies love a head full of luscious locks

The hair on your head is an integral part of your identity. Shave it all off and no one is going to recognize you, and further than that, they likely will begin to develop an entirely separate opinion of the new hairless you.

Our hair is important, but most guys don’t take care of it they way they should. There are so many things that we can do daily for our hair to improve its overall health and longevity. No, I’m not talking about being sure you brush your hair every night before bed or to use both shampoo and conditioner each time you shower (though those are good ideas too). I’m talking about simple tricks and tweaks to your already minimal hair care routine that will help your hair growing strong. Women love a guy with a thick head of hair, whether its short or long.

You can’t undo the damage you do to your hair, so now’s the time to start trying some of these tweaks and tips. Your hair will thank you later.

1. Dry With Care

I am just as guilty as you are when it comes to drying my hair with haste. It’s almost instinct to grab the towel and rub your head dry. However, this is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair. When you’re finished, you may notice that your hair looks sort of frizzy. Those hairs have been pulled past their stretching point by the fibers in the towel. Those same hairs are the ones being stubborn when you have to style your hair. Instead of vigorously towel drying, just pat dry. Even better, let it dry completely on its own. This is a great practice to start after a fresh haircut when all your frizzy split ends are gone already.

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2. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

Sometimes, less is more. Shampooing everyday for healthy hair is a myth. Shampoo cleans your hair, but don’t confuse cleanliness with health. You can over wash your hair and wash out some of the essential oils that your scalp is naturally producing for your locks. These oils are necessary for strong, healthy hair.

A good general rule of thumb is to only use shampoo in your hair after a workout or a long day of manual labor when you know it’s got either sweat or dirt in it. If you work at a desk and don’t see the gym often, then just remember to only wash your hair with shampoo approximately every two days.

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3. Not Too Hot

“Warm water and soap” was the mantra we all grew up hearing for sanitary hand washing. Your hair should get the same temperature. Too often we wash our hair under scalding hot water. I understand how inviting a real hot shower feels, particularly in the winter months, but next time, dial it back to warm for your hair’s sake. Too much hot water can strip your hair of the same oils you could be rinsing out by over washing. Follow this tip for a couple days and your hair should have a bit of natural sheen to it.


4. Choose Wisely

The products you’re using in your daily hair care routine are, without a doubt, instrumental to your hair’s health. If you’re part of the majority, then you likely have a minimal hair care routine consisting of things like shampoo and either a paste/gel or hairspray. The great thing is that you likely don’t need to add anything to that list – just be conscious of what is in those products.

Look for an alternative shampoo that’s sulfate-free. As far as styling products go, most are going to be packed with harmful chemicals. If you want to stand by your product you’ve used for years, then just be more mindful and use it more sparingly in the future. If you want to take a stand against this pollution of your scalp, then switch to all-natural alternatives like aloe vera or a gelatin based mixture.

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Above all, remember that it’s just hair. A bad haircut or a little hair loss isn’t the end of the world, and most hair issues are fixable. Treat your hair well and it will treat you well too, but don’t overthink it.