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Create the Gorgeous Hair You Want With This Unique Styling Tool

* Users reported 92% less damage to hair 
* Automatic shut-off switch
* Digital heat temperature control ensures heat stays at consistent, optimal level

As humans we tend to want what we don’t have; as women, we are always on the lookout for ways to alter our natural hair – we want wavy hair if we have straight, and straight hair if we have wavy or curly hair. Most of all, we want it to be easy, fast and non-damaging. Instyler has created a styling tool that might solve some of our problems. It features woven ceramic covered plates that serve as a built-in heat protectant, which results in 92% less damage to the hair.

The CeraSilk Woven Ceramic Styling Iron is a unique innovation, and contains a proprietary, multi-layered material composed of woven ceramic fibers covered by a ceramic coating. The CeraSilk texture creates micro sub-surface recesses that generate hot air pockets with intense, radiant heat which eliminates direct contact with harmful bare plates and defends against damage with every pass.

The beauty of this styling iron is the versatility – whether you want to straighten, curl, bend or flip your hair, this one tool will do it all. In addition to your style choices, the styling iron is equipped with a removable styling comb accessory that allows for the freedom of single-handed styling to simultaneously smooth and straighten hair. While this is happening, the comb’s teeth organize and separate the strands to optimize heat distribution and straightening performance.

Instyler was created when the founder realized the need for innovation in hair tools. The founder then set out on a mission to create accessible and totally genius tools to help deliver amazing style, while still keeping hair its healthiest. All products in the Instyler family are a result of tireless innovation, high-tech engineering and true passion.

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