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Reveal Radiant Skin With a Japanese Rice Scrub

* Honoring the traditional Japanese “komenuka” skin treatment
* Powerful concentrations of vitamin E and essential fatty acids
* Enhanced with cherry blossom to hydrate, and wild cherry bark to soothe

Experience a time-honored skin treatment from Japan with the Red Flower Wild Cherry Blossom Rice Buff. Capturing the tradition of villagers who formed communal natural hot springs, bathers would fill their small cloth bag with “komenuka” (rice bran) that would be steeped in hot water, releasing a nourishing blend of amino and fatty acids as well as skin-softening vitamin E that helps restore the skin to its more radiant, healthy state.

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The Wild Cherry Blossom Rice Buff embodies the treasured “komenuka” treatment that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home with the same decadent, soothing results. Here’s how it works: Simply soak the cloth bag in warm water until the rice mixture is completely saturated. When the rice is soaked in water and squeezed over the skin, it transforms your bath water into a replenishing, silky texture, like bathing in warm milk. Gently pat the product onto your skin so that it releases the silky liquid while you use the bag to softly buff your entire body to smooth away rough and dead cells.

The unique rice buff cleanses away impurities, dirt and excess oil as it exfoliates and provides your skin with natural antioxidants. Rice bran delivers triple action benefits to the skin thanks to its powerful concentrations of natural humectants (like aloe), antioxidant-rich vitamin E and elasticity-boosting essential fatty acids.

The softening effects of rice bran are enhanced with cherry blossoms that helps hydrate and tone, while wild cherry bark aids in calming and soothing the skin. As a result your skin is left feeling soft, supple and renewed with a delicate fragrance of cherry blossoms that lingers throughout the day.

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