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5 Affordable Alternatives to The “Jet Lag” Mask Everyone is Raving About

* Masks come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges
* One size does not fit all when it comes skin needs
* We’ve found some great dupes for this Instagram-famous mask

Masking is definitely a trend in the skin care world right now. From the popular sheet mask to various eye masks to even a pregnancy bump mask, there is a mask for everyone and every skin concern. The latest mask making a splash on social media has been called “Instagram’s Favorite Mask.” The Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays is an intensely hydrating cream mask that soothes thirsty, stressed out skin with its potent blend of active ingredients such as vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants and gently exfoliating extracts. According to the brand, just one application will make your skin look instantly renewed, radiant and ready for anything. It’s great for travel, but fans swear by it for everyday use as well.

While this mask might be worth all the hype for some, we’ve found some great alternatives that contain some or all of the same ingredients, that have a focus on hydrating and plumping skin like the original.

Continue reading for some dependable and affordable options.

1. Vitamin C Facial Mask

The Oz Naturals Hydration Mask has a similar blend of ingredients as the Jet Lag Mask for less than half the price. This mask has a range of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and soothing ocean extracts that will deeply hydrate and revitalize dry and dull skin. Their unique “cold processing” of ingredients allows the active ingredients to remain fresh and highly effective without the use of added heat, petrochemicals or emulsifiers.

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2. Frank Body Glow Mask

If you are not familiar with the Frank Body line of products, their Glow Mask might is a great introductory product. Frank Body is all about natural, cruelty-free skin care that uses caffeine bases to detoxify, brighten and soften your whole body. The Glow Mask works as a perfect pre-makeup prep, for late nights and morning-afters and works in only 5 minutes. 100% natural, this mask is ultra-hydrating and works to reduce puffiness and give skin a radiant glow. Coffee seed oil, shea and coconut butters as well as a blend of antioxidants work to deliver “sleep in a bottle.”  You’re welcome.


3. Klaris Vitamin E Mask

contains Vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant and skin care booster that helps protect and hydrate the skin. Its other key ingredients include Niacinamide which helps to whiten and brighten and adenosine which possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The Klaris Mask also has a unique pudding-like texture which transforms into a rich essence when it comes in contact with the skin, helping to maintain moisture and hydration levels for at least 8 hours.

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4. Teami Green Tea Detox Mask

As if Green Tea didn’t do enough good for us internally, it can now be used externally and is the basis for the

. The mask uses organic matcha green tea to pull out toxins from the skin which ultimately works to remove blackheads, reduces acne, blemishes and redness. In addition to toxin removal, green tea provides an intense antioxidant boost that works to fight the negative effects of free radicals and UV radiation.


5. Farmacy Bright On Mask

Another game-changing and affordable mask we love is the Bright On Mask by Farmacy. This unique mask changes color as it transforms the appearance of the skin. The Vitamin C capsules in the cream burst open as you massage it into your skin, turning it from lavender to green so you can visibly see that it’s working. The mask brightens and detoxes the skin by removing buildup and impurities to visibly improve the appearance and smooth out any texture. The mineral-rich clay removes excess oil and impurities to diminish pores while AHAs brighten and clarify. Use this mask anytime you want smooth, soft skin as it will leave you with the perfect canvas for makeup application.

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