Thank K-Beauty For This Tress-Transforming Hair Mask

hair mask
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Self-heating mask delivers deep moisture
* Results last up to seven days
* Free of petroleum and mineral oils

The wonders of Korean Beauty never cease to exist. First there were exotic ingredients like snail slime and bee venom, a new product made from Donkey Milk, and now this: the self-heating hair mask.

Officially dubbed the Korean Innovative Thermal Steam Hair Mask, it packs a powerful cocktail of moisturizing ingredients and natural extracts. Hair is intensely nourished and hydrated with Argan oil, royal jelly from bees, vitamins A and B, amino acids and minerals. But of course there’s also a list of far-out beauty elements you’d expect from a K-beauty product, like the use of black beans, black rice and black sesame seeds for their antioxidants; phellinus mushrooms, skullcap and 10 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine extracts also harnessed for their antioxidant powers. 

Korean Argan Oil Thermal Steam Hair Mask Image courtesy of Amazon

This K-beauty self-heating mask comes in a self-contained single-use packet, much like a sheet mask, and is applied in a similar fashion. After washing your hair and blotting excess moisture, open the pack and put the mask over your head. The “hood” with the hair essence is adjustable and designed to be tied securely to the size of your head. Once it’s on securely, massage the mask into your scalp to activate the self-heating ingredients, and leave on for just 10-15 minutes. After air or blow-drying, enjoy ridiculously smooth, silky hair that looks straight from a haircare ad.

Which leads us to this fun fact: this product has actually been endorsed by the Korean Model Association, so claims of commercial-worthy hair really aren’t off-base at all.

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