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Stop Signs of Aging With This Antioxidant-Rich Mask From Morocco

* Packed with argan oil, pomegranate and acai
* Made from Rhassoul clay in the high atlas mountains of Morocco
* Reduces redness and signs of aging

We experience heat, wind and other elements that cause skin damage and aging on the daily. Wouldn’t it be nice to give your face a rejuvenating break? Now you can with the revolutionary Kahina Giving Beauty Antioxidant Mask.

Lightly scented with invigorating eucalyptus and mint, this multitasking facial mask removes toxins while conditioning and nourishing the skin with two of Morocco’s timeless beauty traditions. One is the silica-rich Rhassoul clay from the Atlas mountains, which helps draw out impurities. It also stimulates collagen production to promotes skin strength, elasticity and suppleness.

The second is argan oil, a powerful source of antioxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that fights free-radical damage from air pollutants and reduces the signs of aging. Other natural ingredients include pomegranate and acai.

Kahina Giving Beauty sources its argan oil from the women’s cooperatives of Morocco to ensure the fair and proper treatment of the women who extract the quality oil for their products. The art work found on the package are in fact the signatures of Berber women working in the argan cooperatives.

To use, simply apply the mask over moistened skin and leave on for 7-10 minutes. The mask is creamy with a slight grainy texture that gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it toned, glowing and noticeably smoother.

Users report having clearer skin, less acne and an overall more supple complexion more than worth the price.

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