Why It’s Time to Start Adding Seaweed Powder to Your Beauty Routine

kelp benefits seaweed powder beauty routine
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* Seaweed powder is packed full of vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes
* Ideal for combining with creams, wraps and face masks
* Benefits include a reduction of redness, acne and cellulite

Whether you suffer from common skin conditions or just want a cheaper alternative to expensive spa treatments, goodness-filled seaweed powder provides a range of pick-me-ups. Get your skin and body feeling much better with addition of kelp to your beauty routine.

This versatile organic seaweed powder is produced from pure sea kelp, known as Ascophyllum nodosum. This species is farmed from the crisp, clean waters of the North Atlantic Sea. After being dried in the sun, the kelp is then ground into a fine powder that’s naturally packed full of minerals, enzymes, fatty acids and vitamins.   

kelp benefits seaweed powder beauty routine recipes Image courtesy of Amazon

One of the many benefits of seaweed powder is the potential removal of unsightly cellulite. Try it in a seaweed-fuelled body wrap or adding it to your normal creams for an extra cellulite-busting boost. For an even more relaxing experience, why not try a detoxifying seaweed bath?

In addition, this La Lune Naturals product is great for people with sensitive skin and can provide relief for a range of skin conditions. Simply mix the fine powder into a face mask to enjoy relief from inflammation, acne or eczema.

Each pot comes with a downloadable eBook that offers 20 recipe ideas for creating your own weight-loss body wraps, cleaning scrubs and face masks. This variety of treatments will allow you to enjoy treatments at home, saving you money and getting the same results as expensive trips to the spa.