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The Cutest K-Beauty Products on Amazon to Buy Right Now

* A range of super cute beauty products from South Korea
* Each product helps to achieve a healthy, hydrated and clearer appearance
* Charming packaging and effective formulas

Since 2016, K-beauty products have been taking the beauty and skincare industry by storm with the use of unique ingredients, highly effective formulas, and downright adorable packaging. Whether it’s a panda-shaped hand cream or a cat-eared headband for cleansing your face, Korean beauty is the gold standard when it comes to beauty that’s just as charming as it is effective.

1. Etude House Hair Band

With the

, you can even look cute during your cleansing routine, while keeping your hair from getting all wet. Where your usual hair management options may fail to keep your face clear of hair, this headband will allow you to focus on showering or washing your face without hassle. Plus, it has super fun cat ears to help you feel playful even in beauty’s dullest moments.


2. Etude House Missing U Hand Cream

Forget about your boring hand cream packaged in a generic tube. This hand cream by 

 has the appearance of a panda holding a peach. The cream itself features a natural mixture of herbs, shea butter and olives, is great for all skin types.


3. Holika Holika Lazy and Joy Egg Bun Puff

This wet and dry beauty sponge couldn’t be any cuter. The Holika Holika Bun Puff’s versatility allows you to use it for a number of ways. While the fun shape may look gimmicky, the flat areas and the pointed head can be much more effective than a normal sponge–especially for applying undereye concealer and hiding blemishes.


4. The Face Shop Blusher Cushion

This powder blush and puff combo by The Face Shop oozes cuteness. The coral color will give your skin a gorgeous yet natural flush and the shade is flattering a wide range of skin tones. Plus, applying the blush is easy and comfortable due to the ultra soft design of the puff.

[caption id="attachment_97609" align="aligncenter" width="395"]korean beauty products amazon coral blush puff Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


5. EGLIPS Saranghae Zoo Foundation

Featuring a cute animal face on the container, the EGLIPS Zoo Foundation is your answer to camouflaging unsightly skin blemishes, freckles and uneven skin texture


6. Holika Holika Lazy and Easy Smooth Egg Peeling Gel

What may first appear as a simple boiled egg, this K-beauty product is actually an effective skin serum made from natural eggs sourced on the South Korean mountain, Jiri. The peeling gel helps remove dead skin cells, leaving you with a silky smooth complexion.


7. Tony Moly Latte Art Pore Pack

Enjoy tighter pores and moisturized skin with the Tony Moly cream mask. Where many average masks can leave your skin dry and tight, this cacao and cream mask helps to keep your sebum levels under control and to delivers nutrients to the skin. Plus, the beauty pack is presented in an easy-to-use mug.