The 10 Korean Grooming Products Every Guy Should Own

Korean Beauty Products For Men's Grooming:
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* K-beauty brands are now making products for men
* Upgraded essentials and new products you didn’t know you needed
* Moisturizers, hair styling waxes, nose trimmers, and more

Korean beauty products have become coveted beauty staples in the Western skin care market – and not just for women. There’s a swath of Korean grooming products for dudes that deliver the same skin-enhancing performance, wacky ingredients, and fun packaging that’s made K-beauty so successful in the States.

But Korean grooming products for men don’t just include upgraded essentials like hair styling wax or your average shaving cream. They also feature a number of new grooming inventions that you never knew you needed, like charcoal mineral masks and specialized nose hair trimmers. Check out some of the best K-grooming products for men below.

10 months
Korean don’t even have a beard... what will they groom lmao

10 months
Korean don’t even have a beard… what will they groom lmao

1. Cosrx Clarifying Treatment Toner – BEST VALUE

Guys (including myself) often buy the first exfoliator we see in the drug store, even though a great exfoliator can work wonders for your skin, so it may be worth investing in a good one. Instead of grabbing the first one you see, try this one from Cosrx. It uses a mild AHA/BHA formulation that gently peels away dead skin, while simultaneously applying nutrients for skin health.

Men's Toner CreamImage courtesy of Amazon


2. TONYMOLY Foot Super Peeling Liquid – EDITOR’S CHOICE

It’s finally summer – time to bust out those pasty feet. For many guys this isn’t as easy as it sounds, because feet can get gross. Avoid any embarrassment with this foot peeling liquid from TONYMOLY. It’s fun to use, but also leaves your dogs smooth and moisturized for the beach or pool party.

Foot Cleaner KoreanImage courtesy of Amazon


3. SSANAI Hair Stunner Wax

This hair wax provides a super strong hold, a modern matte finish, and leaves behind a subtle, masculine scent of wood and pepper. It’s also easy to wash out at the end of the day (unlike many hair waxes and pomades).

Hair Wax Men's KoreanImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Mediheal Timetox Charcoal-Mineral Mask

Using a charcoal-mineral mask like this is probably new for most guys, but we highly recommend trying it. The charcoal formula reduces wrinkles, cleans out your pores, and moisturizes all in as little as 10 minutes, and only needs to be applied every 2-3 weeks for cleaner, healthier skin.

best charcoal mask for men mediheal korean beautyImage courtesy of Amazon


5. Nose Hair Trimmer

Nose hair that pokes out of the nostrils might seem like a small detail, but it’s probably more noticeable to others than you may think. This Korean nose hair trimmer finally offers a way to get rid of those pesky hairs, and doesn’t require the same time or focus as using scissors.

Nose Hair TrimmerImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Dashu Stick Hair Wax

If you hate getting sticky hair wax on your hands when you style your hair, this is the product for you. It comes as a stick format that allows you to apply the product directly to your hair, which makes the whole process of hair styling cleaner and smoother.

Hair Styling Stick Men'sImage courtesy of Amazon


7. SSANAI Hair Slammer Pomade – BEST REVIEW

This SSANAI pomade gives hair a shiny look and a strong hold that’s easy to wash out. But along with keeping your hair perfectly quaffed, it also defines the texture.

Hair Pomade Men's ShineImage courtesy of Amazon


8. PSY’s Energy Factory Man’s Balm

Yes, the musical genius behind “Gangnam Style” (which now has over 3 billion views on YouTube) is the face of a K-cosmetics brand. One of the brand’s best products is this tone correction and daily SPF that revitalizes and protects skin every day.

Men's Toner SPF PSYImage courtesy of Amazon


9. Missha Immortal Youth Cream

We think the name alone – “Immortal Youth Cream” – is enough to buy this anti-aging cream from K-beauty brand Missha. It uses lanine cocoyl and Betula japonica Juice (don’t ask) to effectively and safely rejuvenate tired skin.

Men's Anti-Aging Cream KoreanImage courtesy of Amazon


10. Sulwhasoo Energizing Cream for Men

One of the best K-grooming products for men is this Sulwhasoo cream. It’s highly concentrated medicinal herb formula works wonders on even the most damaged skin, absorbing quickly and revitalizing skin cells.

Korean Moisturizer Men'sImage courtesy of Amazon