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Here’s Why a Brightening Peeling Gel Should be Your Next K-Beauty Purchase

* Nourishing gel contains 14 types of flower extracts plus sea grass
* Renews and exfoliates your skin without drying
* Provides gentle yet deep cleaning

Making its debut in Seoul back in 2006, TONYMOLY was already a household name in Korea by the time the first wave of K-beauty products made headlines stateside. And with their high-quality, high-performance skincare and makeup at ridiculously reasonable prices — plus cute packaging to boot — it’s no mystery why this brand consistently sells through.

Known for novelty products like lotions and balms housed in fruit or panda-shaped tubs, TONYMOLY products are all about fun on the outside, serious skincare inside.

Beauty insiders of all ages swear by their products, like the hydro-brightening peeling gel seen here. Its unique gel-type formula gently exfoliates the skin with floral and fruit extracts, revealing a fresh layer of radiant skin. Using natural extracts to slough dead skin cells instead of harsh microbeads or gritty granules, makes this an ideal choice for even the most sensitive skin types.

The refreshing gel texture is infused with 14 types of extracts, plus sea grass, imparting a fresh, youthful glow. Unlike harsher scrubs or peels, this formula actually leaves your skin moisturized and soft, not stripped and dried out.

The results come quickly: after cleansing your face as usual, apply a small amount onto skin and massage for one minute, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Rinse with lukewarm water for instantly radiant skin; then wonder how you ever survived without it.

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