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This LED Light Facial Mask Delivers a Full Spectrum of Skin-Saving Solutions

* Get seven skin-perfecting benefits in one device
* No side effects — great for those with sensitive skin
* Comfortable and easy to use

LED light technology to treat skincare concerns has been used by dermatologists for decades. Luckily, the technology has finally begun to cross-over to the at-home skincare market, in the form of compact and easy to use LED facial masks. These sci-fi face shields may look intimidating, but the benefits of using LED light therapy for skincare are unrivaled. Most LED light masks on the market, however, are only equipped with one light wavelength color to address one specific issue, like acne or fine lines.

Enter the EZGO LED facial mask. This 7-in-1 skincare device offers an incredible spectrum of light choices, each color targeting a different skin concern. Ranging from bacteria-zapping blue (great for treating acne) to the anti-aging powers of red light, the colored LED options are the secret behind the mask’s laundry list of skin-enhancing benefits.

In addition to offering anti-aging and anti-acne benefits, it also has the capacity to even skin tone, reduce inflammation and redness, and rejuvenate cells. Regardless of which light option is used, this device is sure to boost the overall appearance of your complexion. The EZGO facial mask is also suitable for a variety of different skin types, making it a great alternative for those with sensitive skin who are unable to use conventional skin care creams and serums due to irritation. If you do use other anti-creams and serums, EZGO’s light technology will amplify the effects of these products when used together.

While the futuristic look of the EZGO may give the impression that it’s complicated to use, it’s actually quite user-friendly. Just strap the mask to your face and select the type of light treatment desired on the hand-held control. This masks’s flexible construction allows for easier stowage for travel than the hard-shelled versions — all of which you can now bypass with the EZGO’s veritable buffet of skin-improving LED lights.

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