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These Lip Masks Are All You Need For A Perfectly Plump Pout

* Latex free and biodegradable
* Ideal for all skin types
* Green tea extract provides antioxidant benefits

Lips have taken a beating as of late due to the ever popular matte lipstick trend (drying), the harsh winter weather and all around lackluster products that are available. The tide is slowly shifting however, as beauty brands continue to release more lipstick formulations, colors and lip treatment products to counteract any negative effects we may face.

To the rescue are Flashpatch Lip Gels by Patchology. They are cooling, topical gel masks that are applied directly to your lips for five minutes flat. Remove and voila! You are left with perfectly prepped, plumped and hydrated lips.

The Flashpatch Lip Gels are more effective than most topical lip treatments as they enhance lip shape and volume by using their proprietary “HydraSurge5” moisture system. This moisture system features an exclusive complex of five proven hydrating ingredients which send the most powerful moisturizing ingredients to the lips faster. Ingredients such as peptides, Green Tea Extract and Niacinamide all work together to soothe and deliver anti-aging benefits.

Use the Flashpatch Lip Renewal Gels daily as part of your pre-makeup skincare regimen or at night to pamper yourself before you go to sleep. More youthful, smooth, soft lips are just a quick, five-minute lip mask away.

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