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This Liquid Mineral Bronzer by Perricone MD Gives You a Healthy Glow

*The No Bronzer Bronzer by Perricone MD
*Mineral liquid bronzer with broad spectrum SPF 30
*Suitable for all skin types

The No Bronzer Bronzer by Perricone MD is essential for achieving that goddess-like glow for summer without harmful sun exposure. This facial bronzer is formulated with Vitamin C Ester to brighten the skin, diffuse signs of sun damage and contour the face.

With SPF 30, this multi-purpose bronzer also protects you from the age-accelerating effects of the sun. The mineral liquid formula allows you to contour the face with youthful definition, add a buildable veil of warm color to the skin, or use as a foundation mixer to darken the shade of lighter makeup.

The comfortable serum formula adds sheer color to the face, neck and decolletage, that mimics healthy skin pigmentation for a universally flattering glow. Any face shape can look more defined with a little color, but the trick is to find the right hue that matches your undertone to avoid dreaded orange-tinged skin. The No Bronzer Bronzer comes in a neutral brown shade, with a middle undertone that isn’t too warm or too cool. Liquid and cream bronzers allow for maximum blending, resulting in a natural contoured look, and this product offers the same blendability as a cream formula, without the greasy residue.

To use, simply use the dropper and sweep the bronzer along the cheekbones, jawline, nose and forehead. You can blend the lightweight product with your finger, a sponge, or soft contouring brush depending on the desired effect. The product’s packaging makes for fool-proof application. The convenient dropper is great for applying on the go and managing the amount of product you want to use. Most importantly, the dropper applicator also allows for maximum cleanliness, because you don’t need to touch the top with used sponges and hands.

The No Bronzer Bronzer is a great multi-use product for summer to achieve a subtle glow, create definition, protect you from sun damage and blur skin’s imperfections.

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