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This High-Tech Liquid Mineral Foundation Hydrates, Covers and Treats

* Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation
* Contains castor seed oil, Vitamin E and beeswax
* Hydrates skin while providing sheer to medium coverage

The Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation is a unique product that uses light reflection technology to even your skin tone and leave your complexion with a summer-ready glow. Rave reviews online report a clearer face, natural glow and even more compliments(!) as result of using this product.

This mineral foundation has a serum formula that melts into your face for an even application, providing hydration and soothing redness, while concealing imperfections and blurring fine lines. The lightweight formula contains castor seed oil, Vitamin E and beeswax to minimize the appearance of pores, calm irritation and restore luminosity to dull skin.

Innovative technology prevents the active ingredients from degrading, allowing for longer wear time and sustained benefits to the skin. The tiny beads inside the gilded, airless pump are actually encapsulated liposomes that transform into a silky liquid when dispensed.

The pump dispenser allows for easy, mess-free application, and the clear bottle lets you to see the amount of product left inside. To use, apply evenly all over the face and neck with a foundation brush or beauty sponge. This light-reflecting formula can be layered to provide sheer-to-medium coverage, depending on your own preference. The foundation enhances your existing skin tone with a small amount of pigment that looks glowy, natural and fresh.

This foundation doesn’t have SPF, so it is safe for flash photography, but it also works nicely over most SPF face creams for daytime wear. Healthy-looking skin is always in, and this foundation is sure to give you a jumpstart.

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