Get 90% More Frizz Control With This Breakthrough Hair Straightener

LumaBella Cool Mist Hair Straightener: A
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* Hydrates & protects
* Cool mist technology
* Delivers salon-quality heat for long-lasting style

​​Finding the right hair straightener is so much more than a tool that offers sleek hair. It’s determining if the product can deliver the latest technology, dependable performance and professional results without breaking the bank. One such brand, LumaBella is changing the way you straighten your hair with their groundbreaking Cool Mist Hair Straightener.

Their technologically-advanced straightener is designed with a one-of-a-kind vapor technology that combines cool mist with salon-quality heat for a long-lasting style that’s frizz and damage-free. LumaBella is committed to smarter technology and better beauty and it shows; their team of scientists and product development experts work tirelessly to develop, test and refine their products for less damage and more efficient (and noticeable) results.

LumaBella Cool Mist Hair Straightener Image Courtesy of Amazon

LumaBella Cool Mist Hair Straightener

The hair straightener features 1″ ceramic plates that deliver uniform heating and a smooth glide. As you switch on the device, you’ll notice their five customizable temperatures settings from 300º F to 450° F. The heat turns on in less than 30 seconds for fast, efficient straightening, making this a practical solution for last minute touch-ups or those constantly on-the-go.

Using either the included complimentary macadamia conditioning oil or distilled water, the cool mist channel applies cool mist to the hair for added moisture and hydration for safer styling. The cool mist followed by a smooth glide of the salon-quality heat delivered through the premium floating ceramic plates will lock-in moisture, protect hair from damage, improve shine and enable a longer-lasting style.

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