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This “Intelligent Cleansing Brush” Uses an App to Analyze Your Skin & Prescribe a Personalized Routine

* The LUNA fofo by Foreo is an intelligent facial cleansing brush
* Ultra-hygienic, silicone bristles that provide T-sonic pulsations
* Connects to the Foreo app to provide personalized skin care recommendations

Marketed as “the world’s most intelligent facial cleansing brush,” the LUNA fofo by Foreo might just change the way you treat your skin. This electronic cleansing brush connects to an app to prescribe a personalized skin care routine.

This smart cleansing brush is operated on batteries, and the silicone bristles provide T-sonic pulsations for an effective addition to your morning or evening cleansing routine. Because the brush is more intense than your normal hand wash, it’s recommended that you begin by using the LUNA fofo only once or twice a week. Unlike other facial cleansing brushes, this one is made silicone making it ultra hygienic so you don’t have to worry about spreading acne-causing bacteria.

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Image courtesy of Sephora

In addition, this facial cleansing brush analyzes your skin’s conditions with the help of an app that’s available to both Apple and Android users. Simply place the sensors on various parts of your face as directed by the app and let the device work it’s magic. It will soon tell you your skin’s age as well as your skin type and moisture level for each zone. Finally, a daily, personalized skin profile will be created and stored within the Foreo app for future reference.

This small silicone brush is ultra-hygienic and super travel friendly. Take your skin care to the next level with this on-the-go, smart cleansing device.