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The Luxe Hand Sanitizer That’s Easier to Find Than Purell — and Smells Way Better

Sick of using hand sanitizer that smells like a doctor’s office and leaves your hands all dry and cracked? Us too. Thankfully our friends over at Robb Report have found a hand sanitizer that smells way better than hand sanitizer should.

Despite its status as a necessary tool for surviving modern life, we wouldn’t be surprised if you never wanted to look at another bottle of hand sanitizer ever again. In the era of Covid-19, the alcohol-based gels (or sprays, or foams or what have you) have gone from hot commodity to bemoaned obligation in very short order.

And all of that might be because there aren’t many formulations on the market you’d actually look forward to using. But that’s not the case with Maapilim’s new hand sanitizer, released in late April. After trying it for a few weeks, I can tell you with some certainty that it’s a lot easier on your hands than what you’ll find in most drugstores.

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Courtesy of Maapilim

That’s because Maapilim’s version, which is 70 percent alcohol and kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, also features a healthy amount of aloe, something you can feel when you put a dose on your hands. The small blobs of the stuff I’ve dispensed into my palms tended to hold their shape until I spread them out. Once I did, the product feels more like an enriching moisturizer than something designed to strip an entire microbiome from the surface of your skin.

And then there’s the smell: The formula also includes an essential oil blend that has bergamot, jasmine and cedarwood in it. It’s not overpowering, but don’t be surprised if your friends ask you about the scent the next time they see you—whenever that might be.