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Simplify Your Makeup Routine With This Multitasking 2-in-1 Cheek and Lip Stick

* Multi-use lip and cheek color stick
* Vegan, paraben-free and eco-conscious product
* Buildable and blendable color

Milk Makeup’s curated line of cosmetics are designed for the girl on the go who doesn’t have time to waste on an hour -ong beauty routine, but still wants to express herself creatively. The makeup brand was founded by the creatives behind Milk Studios, a bi-coastal creative production firm, so they know a thing or two about beauty and style.

Without sacrificing quality, color pay off, or blendability, their cosmetics are designed for efficient application, whether you’re travelling, doing a quick-change, or simply wish to avoid a fussy morning makeup routine.

Milk’s Lip + Cheek Stick has earned its hype within the beauty blogger community for a good reason. Both the formula and the conveniently-packaged stick format, make the application process nearly foolproof. Milk Makeup even contends that their product is so easy to use that it doesn’t require a mirror to apply (use your own discretion here).

When swatched, it has a smooth, gel-like texture and appears sheer to the touch, but when applied to the face, it melts down into a creamy, blendable formula using the heat of your skin. The light-weight, non-greasy texture can be built up from a sheer tint of color to a more opaque finish, whether applied to the lips or cheeks.

Milk’s Lip + Cheek stick will work well on all skin types: dry, oily, or combination. The avocado oil, mango butter and peach nectar it contains will leave your skin feeling hydrated and leave a subtle glow, without feeling greasy.  The Lip + Cheek stick is vegan and, as with all of Milk’s cosmetics, cruelty-free. This product is an investment you can feel good about.

The Lip + Cheek stick comes in four universally flattering shades to compliment a wide array of skin tones (the one above is called “quickie berry”). To apply, simply dab the stick directly on the cheeks or lips and blend out with finger tips. Whether you’re a jet-setter, busy mom, or a beauty minimalist, this item is a must-have for your handbag to achieve a beautiful glow on the go.

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