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Here’s How to Get That Faux Man Bun That’s Trending Right Now

* Instantly change up your look
* Surprise your friends and family with your new hairdo
* Choose from three different color options

Not since the time of the samurai has wearing a bun been so hip. Is it because it hints at a wilder side? Because it looks edgy and cool? Because introspective Hollywood actors and fixed-gear bicyclists have made it a must-wear? Whatever the reason, it’s one of the hottest looks around today. But if you have short hair, you’re cut out of this blazing trend. Until now. With the Instant Man Bun, you can grow your hair in seconds and step out in style.

It couldn’t be easier. Simply clip it on and that short hair is gone. In its place is a hot look that gets plenty of attention. Instant Man Bun is made with realistic hair strands that blend seamlessly with your hair. And, the bun itself is perfectly bun-shaped.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

Just pull the elastic drawstring to attach it to your natural hair so it holds on tight no matter how active you are. And at the end of the day, when you’re ready to relax, simply take it off.

Of course, you can also have fun with this thing. Change up your look from day to day, or even hour to hour. Keep your colleagues guessing and surprise your friends. You certainly won’t be bored.


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