8 Awesome Manicure Sets for Men to Keep at Home or Take On-the-Go

Manscaped The Shears 2.0 Luxury Nail
Courtesy of Manscaped

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Please tell me that you guys already own a manicure set, but you like, lost it, or something. Please. We’re begging.

If you aren’t already taking care of your nails as a full-fledged male adult, excuse us while we gag. What’s your excuse? There is none. You NEED to keep those fingernails of yours in tiptop shape, especially in this day and age where we are hyperfocused on killing any germs our hands come in contact with. The number of germs that collect under and around your nails daily is damn near disturbing, so you need a manicure set to practice good hygiene ASAP.

A good manicure set for men doesn’t have to break the bank and typically come with numerous tools for your fingernails, toenails and even some tools that’ll clean up your face a bit. Whatever you’re trying to do to those problem areas, a good manicure kit will absolutely have you covered from head to toe. So stop pushing this purchase off for later, it’s nasty and you know it. Read on and discover the best manicure sets for men that will keep you looking and feeling clean for years to come.


1. FAMILIFE F03 Manicure Set


This set has it all, and with a wildly affordable price, it’s really the only manicure set you’ll ever need for keeping good hygiene. It comes dressed in a handsome, brown PU-leather casing and holds 13 stainless steel tools ranging from nail clippers to cuticle trimmers to eyebrow tweezers. This set is an easy on-the-go solution for any random manicure-based emergency you might run into at the office or on vacation.

FAMILIFE F03 Manicure Set Courtesy of Amazon


2. Tseoa Manicure and Pedicure Kit


A 12-piece set coming in at just under $10? It’s a yes from us. This manicure set comes in an attractive casing that will look dope inside any overnight bag. The tools are built to last and combat everything from nailcare to exfoliation processes and even anti-acne treatment. It’s produced with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so any issues you might have with it will give you the option to return with zero questions asked. You won’t be upset at all though, believe us.

Tseoa Manicure and Pedicure Kit Courtesy of Amazon


3. Manscaped The Shears 2.0 Luxury Nail Kit


Maybe you don’t need a full-set surpassing just a few of the necessities, we get it. If you’re going to go with any set under five pieces, we completely suggest Manscaped’s “The Shears 2.0” luxury nail kit. The set of four includes just a set of fingernail clippers, rounded point scissors, slant tipped tweezers and a medium-grit nail file all wrapped inside a sleek leather case. Each tool is made with heavy-duty stainless steel and will hold up over time. This set doesn’t have the ability to go above and beyond the hands at all, but for some, this set is more than enough.

Manscaped The Shears 2.0 Luxury Nail Kit Courtesy of Manscaped


4. Ted Baker Manic Manicure Set


We had to include this manicure set from Ted Baker for the handsome casing itself. Come on, a case that dapper really has the ability to make you want to cut those nails, no? Similarly to our last set mentioned, the Manic manicure set only comes with a nail clipper, nail file, scissors and some tweezers. The products are 100% stainless steel and are crafted to last you a lifetime, no matter how frequently you’re sprucing up those nail beds of yours.

Ted Baker Manic Manicure Set Courtesy of Ted Baker


5. Rockwell Razors Manicure Set


While four-sets are great and all, we are totally the type of people that need a separate toenail clipper from our fingernail clippers. Not only is it more hygienic, but having a larger clipper is more appropriate for taking on the larger nails that tend to grow low. This five-piece set from Rockwell Razors is complete with everything your typical four-piece set has, with just an additional toenail clipper for those low hangers. It’s completely easy to pack or store away in your bathroom for safekeeping.

Rockwell Razors Manicure Set Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


6. Hammacher Schlemmer Genuine Solingen Manicure Set


A manicure set priced at almost $200? You might be thinking you should scroll down to the next one, but don’t. This set is made in Solingen, Germany, which is home to some of the highest grade manufacturers of knives and cutlery in the entire world. These tools are painstakingly crafted by expert cutlers using the most high-end equipment to exist on Earth, with the highest quality stainless steel you could ever imagine. These are the same materials used in surgical instruments, so expect intense precision and effortless cuts.

Hammacher Schlemmer Genuine Solingen Manicure Set Courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer


7. Igoy Manicure Pedicure Set


Sixteen tools might sound like a lot, and that’s because it is. The Igoy mani-pedi set goes above and beyond the realm of manicure sets for men to provide a full 16-tool set that’s handsome to the eye, well-crafted and affordable. The set itself is made from a sleek black stainless steel and comes inside a dapper PU-leather brown casing. Even though there are so many tools, the kit is effortlessly portable and really easy to store without ever taking up much space. Included items range from toenail clippers to a pedicure knife to some tweezers and even a dead skin fork. What is a dead skin fork, you ask? Well, snag this baby and find out.

Igoy Manicure Pedicure Set Courtesy of Etsy


8. Mifine Manicure Set


Although these sets are all functional in their own way, the Mifine manicure set takes the cake. With 16 different tools and a snap-close design ensuring nothing will ever fall out, you can literally throw each tool in here without placing them in their individual spots and know that each tool will make it wherever you’re going without losing one. The design is effortlessly striking by giving us a shiny, black exterior and a bright red inside. This set truly has everything you’ll ever need to work on your face and nails on the go and it won’t take up any room in your suitcase.

Mifine Manicure Set Courtesy of Amazon