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No Batteries Required: Body Shop’s Manual Facial Massager Gets Back to the Basics

* A back-to-basics approach to skin care
* Manual tool requires no batteries or electrical charge
* Compact size makes it easy for use at home or away

Skincare has come a long way – lasers, sonic devices, and light therapy have all been harnessed to reverse signs of aging so we can look as young as we feel. And with this technology now available for home use, it’s no surprise some of us have bathrooms filled with enough gadgets to rival a med spa. Which makes the back-to-basics facial massager seen here something like a breath of fresh air. 

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This simple manual skin tool from the Body Shop has the look of a mini paint roller, and mechanically works just the same way. A plastic tube of rounded, raised protrusions sits on roller connected to a light wood handle. Just roll it across your face and neck, for an invigorating and healthful massage.

The textured surface of the roller stimulates blood and oxygen circulation, which keeps your complexion plump and nourished. It also helps your skincare products penetrate better, working them deeper below just the top layer of dermis. Put these two factors together, and you’ll be left with what’s basically a natural facelift. And at just $6 and no need for batteries, this massager is proof that simplicity has its rewards.

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