4 Solid Alternatives to The $100+ Mason Pearson Hair Brush

Image courtesy of Mason Pearson
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* This legendary brush has been lauded by editors, hairstylists and beauty gurus alike
* Handmade in England with ethically sourced bristles
* 4 great dupes for those who can’t fathom dropping $100 on a brush

 Mason Pearson hair brushes are the cult-classic boar bristle brush that are guaranteed to be found in every celebrity hairstylist’s bag.

These luxury brushes are the gold standard when it comes to how brushes are measured and how many brushes today are compared. Not mass produced and partially still made by hand, these brushes come with a price point that starts at $105. If you cannot comprehend spending that much on a hair brush, comparable alternatives do exist at a fraction of the price. Continue reading for our top picks.

1. GranNaturals Boar Bristle Brush

The GranNaturals Paddle Hair Brush is made from boar bristles and was designed to reduce frizz, stimulate your scalp and naturally condition your hair. This brush is made to be gentle on even the most damaged of hair, and the bristles will help prevent oil build-up by helping to distribute it from roots to ends for the ultimate shine.

Hairbrush GranNaturals Image Courtesy Amazon


2. Denman Natural Bristle Brush

Denman brushes have long been touted as great alternatives to the original Mason Pearson brush. Their D81L is one of the closest matches and is a large cushion brush with a combination of natural bristles and nylon quills. This combination of bristles creates what is called the ‘porcupine effect,’ which is excellent for brushing and conditioning the hair rather than drying it out and causing breakage.

Hair Brush Denman Image Courtesy Amazon


3. Sephora Collection Dual Boar Paddle Brush

Sephora Collection’s Paddle Brush is made with 100 percent natural boar bristles that are reinforced with nylon pins. Ideal for all hair lengths and types, this oval-shaped brush smooths and detangles to promote shiny, healthy hair. An ergonomic, non-stick handle makes maneuvering and styling comfortable and easy.

Paddle Brush Sephora Collection Image Courtesy Sephora


4. Leonor Greyl Hairbrush

Our last option is the popular Leonor Greyl Boar Bristle Hairbrush. Leonor Greyl products are known for being one of the first companies to create products from plants and natural materials. Their version is packed with natural boar bristles to effortlessly detangle hair without causing breakage. The cushioned rubber pad is gentle on your scalp and the contoured handles provide a comfortable grip.

Brush Leonor Greyl Image Courtesy Net-a-Porter