This Men’s Grooming Brand Makes Skin Care Products Inspired by Craft Beer

craft beer inspired conditioner
Broo craft beer conditioner
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* Grooming products inspired by craft beer
* Beer has benefits for the hair and skin 
* Multifunction hair, body, and skin products 

It was bound to happen, given the booming craft beer phenomenon that’s still going strong. Foretold in memes and whispered of among the esoteric reaches of the internet: the meeting of the Beer and the Beard. Yes, that’s right. You can now find craft beer themed beard, hair and skincare, and general grooming products laced with your favorite adult beverage. If your beard loves IPAs as much as it says you do, these are the beard conditioners, waxes, body washes and more to prove it.

Beer actually has some surprising benefits for your mane too, including restoring shine and helping to reduce product buildup. As for your skin, when used topically, beer functions as a natural anti-bacterial, so it can help treat and prevent acne and breakouts. Broo’s grooming line harnesses these benefits in their products, without having dump your favorite pricey stout our lager all over yourself in the shower. However, far from being just a novelty, this line of men’s grooming products is actually worth a try. It doesn’t smell like dive bar, but does help your hair feel as fancy– yet rugged.

1. Malted Mint Shampoo

This Malted Mint shampoo and conditioner is made with malted barley and hops flowers– there’s that Beer theme going– and it turns out they make excellent hair nourishing ingredients too. Who knew? Plus, this moisturizing shampoo is vegan and paraben-free.

Broo shampoo Image Courtesy Amazon

2. Thickening Conditioner

If you like your hair thick (like your ale)  this is the conditioner for you. Mixing the ingredients of beer that provide hair nourishing things like B vitamins and minerals with peppermint to invigorate the scalp and help boost hair growth. It also has a slight citrus scent reminiscent of orange-infused Blue Moon.

Broo Conditioner Image Courtesy Amazon

3. Shampoo and Body Bar

A shower product that can really do it all, this shampoo and body bar is great for those in a hurry as well as those looking for an invigorating, nourishing way to keep hair and skin alike feeling and looking fresh.

Shampoo Body bar Image Courtesy Amazon

4. Detangling Drops

Spray on these color-preserving quinoa colada detangling drops after the shower, or in-between, to preserve your best shine and keep the frizz at bay.

detangling drops Image Courtesy Amazon

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