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This Stainless Steel Men’s Razor Needs Only a Single Blade To Get The Job Done

* Elegant, long-lasting razor
* Stainless steel construction
* Extra thick, injector-style blades

When it comes to men’s razors, conventional wisdom still has it that more blades are better. Look a little deeper into what makes a perfect shave, though, and you find that in the upper echelons of shaving culture, a single-finely honed blade is often preferred.

Professionals still use the straight razor, and the finest “safety razors” are typically single-blade. More than just an awesome minimalist design statement, the Single Edge razor from Supply is an ultra-modern take on the traditional single blade safety razor.

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It features, as the name implies, a single edged blade made from extra thick stainless steel. It avoids the compromises of regular multi-blade disposable razors, and never gums up, retaining its precision shave after shave. Whether due to its clean, artful design or the quality of the shave, the Single Edge has also racked up a few celeb endorsements; Keegan Allen of Pretty Little Liars’ fame is apparently a fan.

What makes the single edge stand out even among one-bladed, high-end safety razors is its adjustability. A simple, elegant rotary knob lets you change the angle and closeness of your shave. In a world of increasingly complex gizmos that do much the same thing, only often slightly worse, this product is a welcome exception. The injector-style blades it uses are both safer to handle and easier on your skin, since they’re thicker and more finely ground at their edges than regular standard razor blades.


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