Get Glowing With GloPRO’s Microneedling Facial Tool

Microneedling Facial Tool GloPRO
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* Stimulate collagen production with microneedling treatment
* Improves benefits of your favorite serums and anti-aging products
* Gentle enough for face and whole body

Who doesn’t want to look years younger than the birth date on your driver’s license? Unfortunately, expensive treatments add up, and dermatologist appointments can be tough to get, then even harder to squeeze in when you’re already pressed for time.

Thankfully, technology and beauty have not been on mutually exclusive terms, and it’s brought treatments once only available at doctor’s offices straight to your home. Enter microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, a minimally invasive treatment that stimulates collagen production for younger, smoother-looking skin. Tiny needles on a roller go beneath the very top layer of skin, one part stimulating cell turnover, one part exfoliating dead cells.

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While there are entirely manual versions of this facial tool for use at home, models like the GloPRO MicroStimulation Tool offer the added benefits of gentle vibrations and light therapy. The tool itself is light and compact, kind of resembling a soil aerator, which it essentially acts like, too. It charges quickly with an included USB cord and turns on with the press of a button for single speed use. It’s recommended you pair it with your favorite serums for maximum effect; apply to your face, then massage the microneedler on your skin in lateral, then diagonal motions to let the serum really set in. Users have raved about the benefits of using the device on the rest of their body too.

Maintaining your microneedling facial tool is simple – just clean with the included solution. The roller with needles are replaceable, should be changed out every two to three months. While there are certainly benefits to in-office treatments, like medical grade machines and expert care, at-home versions are quickly catching up, creating the ultimate luxury even the best derm’s office can’t offer – time.


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