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This Moroccan Oil Shower Gel Gives Your Skin the Ultimate Hydrating Experience

* Moroccan oil soothes sun damaged skin
* Rich in argan oil antioxidants for maximum hydration
* Improves tone, texture and elasticity 

Formulated with the natural healing properties of Moroccan oil, this shower gel is ideal for hydrating and soothing your skin all summer long.

Although it is widely known for repairing damaged hair, Moroccan oil also replenishes your skin, giving it a natural, healthy glow. A mild formula rich in antioxidant argan oil means this shower gel gently cleanses while restoring essential moisture, leaving you with silky soft skin. It also has a delightful scent that you are sure to love.

Moroccan Oil Shower Gel is like a magic potion in a compact, sophisticated bottle. Its healing powers help your skin in more ways than just hydration. This simple product can help improve elasticity, texture and tone. Your skin will be more gorgeous after every use. Show off a dazzling summer glow this season by adding it to your daily routine. Use it with the 

and a Instant Nourishment for the ultimate skin care regimen, resulting in radiance that will last all year.

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