Magic Mushrooms: Why ‘Shrooms Are Making a Cameo in Your Skin Care Products

mushroom skin care
Image courtesy of Sephora

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* New superfood trend has made its way to skin care
* Smooth, fill, lift and plump your skin
* Masks, serums, and moisturizers 

Mushrooms are the latest wonder ingredient popping up in skin care products – and for good reason. They are a nutrient-rich powerhouse that’s been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for their medicinal value. In terms of benefits for the skin, mushrooms are known to help reduce visible redness, calm sensitive skin and irritation and contain powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients that ultimately leave your skin looking bright and hydrated.

Below are a few choices of skin care products that all contain some form of mushroom (or multiple versions) to combat a wide range of skin concerns including improved moisture retention, protection against environmental aggressors and calming down inflammation.

1. Ren Evercalm Comforting Rescue Mask

The Evercalm Comforting Rescue Mask by Ren uses an original white mushroom extract to de-stress the skin and reduce redness, irritation, itchiness and inflammation. Whenever your skin is in urgent need of some TLC, this mask is a great option as it will provide your skin with calming sensation, leaving you with a healthy and luminous complexion.

Rescue Mask Ren Clean Skincare Image Courtesy Sephora


2. Origins Mega Mushroom Soothing Face Mask

Dr. WEIL for Origins has created a Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Face Mask with Reishi mushroom and fermented Chaga and Coprinus mushrooms. This creamy treatment results in a mask that rapidly reduces visible redness and restores resilience in the skin. Sensitive skin is left calm and comforted while becoming less reactive to irritants.

Mushroom Face Mask Origins Image Courtesy Ulta


3. Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Jelly Serum

The company known for promoting its holistic, plant-sourced alchemy to nourish and elevate the body with beauty powders, tonics and natural remedies has now created an all natural skin care line called Beauty Shroom. One of their standout products is their Jelly Serum which is an intensive, adaptogenic serum. The serum works to visibly smooth, fill, lift and plump the skin with naturally derived products such as silver ear mushroom and hyaluronic acid. This combination works to help enhance skin elasticity and reduce the signs of inflammation.

Jelly Serum Moon Juice Image Courtesy Sephora


4. Youth to the People Adaptogen Moisture Cream

Youth to the People Adaptogen Cream contains ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Reishi and holy basil to deeply hydrate, calm and soothe dry skin. These adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms help to calm the skin when faced with daily stressors like UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Adaptogen Cream Youth to the People Image Courtesy Sephora


5. Volition Beauty Mushroom Water Serum

Volition Beauty’s Mushroom Water Serum contains a cocktail of nutrient-rich ingredients that leaves the skin dewy, radiant and healthy. The serum contains snow mushroom, aka “nature’s sponges,” that can hold nearly 500 times their weight in water thus providing intense moisturization and maintaining it long term. With regular use, you can expect hydrated skin, minimization of pores and redness thanks to its collagen-boosting properties.

Mushroom Serum Volition Image Courtesy Sephora