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Move Over Beards, The Mustache Is Back

The beard is having a solid moment when it comes to trends in men’s grooming, but apparently the mustache is making a big comeback–and will continue to gain popularity through the fall. Find out more details from WWD and shop products to keep your stache well-maintained below.

From WWD:
The mustache is back and it was all over the runways for spring.

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“We still see a lot of beards, but when someone decides to get rid of it for some reason, they want to leave the mustache and see how it looks,” said Martial Vivot, a men’s hairstylist who owns Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes in New York.

Facial hair has become so prevalent amongst Vivot’s clients — his roster runs the gamut from c-suite executives to celebrities — that earlier this year he introduced a line of tools made specifically for it, with one brush dedicated to mustaches.

Luckily, today’s mustache is a far cry from the overgrown styles of yesteryear. “It’s a cleaner line [now] — the difference is in the details,” Vivot said. “In the Seventies, the mustache was fuller and below the [lip line], almost falling on the lips.”

Vivot says the trend knows no age limit — he’s seen everyone from twentysomething hipsters to “preppy gentlemen” ask for a mustache.

“There’s something very masculine about facial hair — if you look back a century ago, a mustache was a way to elevate your [look] and assert yourself,” Vivot said. “It can reinforce a look you’re going after — we can fine-tune it to your lifestyle or who you’d like to be.”

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